December 30, 2013

In Barry's Shoe Store

Ever tried on a dozen pairs of shoes in a store and then felt bad about leaving without at least buying something? Especially when the shop assistant has worked so hard and ends up with a mountain of shoe boxes to repack without a sale? It’s a hard man that can walk out without at least buying a pair of Crocs.

Now, imagine it’s your your best friend Barry who opened that store. “You really must come in and see my exclusive line of Italian shoes. Just try them on  ... no obligation.” 
Truth is, you’re blissfully happy with your Rockports. But you still go to make your friend happy. And he’s tipped off the salesman that you’re a friend and to make a big impression.

After an hour, the floor is littered with boxes. John the gushing salesman has made a dozen trips upstairs for something to please you. But you just know these Sicilian wingtips are simply not for you. Meanwhile your phone rings. It’s Barry asking whether his salesman is taking extra good care of you.  You say: “He’s great thanks!   

Halfway through the next batch of try-ons you are getting really worried about buying any shoes here because you're convinced your wife is gonna hate them. You can just hear her saying: “Benny -  they make you look ridiculous  ... what the heck made you spend our good money on that?”

Why am I telling you this story?

Because it’s the story of Bibi Netanyahu in John Kerry’s peace talks.  He couldn’t refuse his best friend America’s invitation to come to the store … no obligation. And John Kerry’s made how many 12-hour trips back and forth? I’ve lost count. And surely no less than a quarter million dollars a trip.

Is Bibi going to leave the store without at least buying something to please his country’s best friend America?  Can he face coming back to the Knesset and being told: “Bibi – you look ridiculous! How could you give away prisoners and territory for this worthless piece of paper?”

Alas we know the truth.

He’d sooner upset the Knesset than his American friends.

Ariel Sharon redux.

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