December 19, 2014


Imagine if the guy who terrorized the Lindt café in Sydney had been a rabbi instead of a sheikh.  

Would Australians have been so quick to tweet “I’ll Ride With You” ?

Imagine if Zionists had been behind the Peshawar school massacre, or if the rape gangs in the north of England had been Sephardic Jews instead of exclusively Asian Muslims.

Imagine if all the misery and inconvenience of today’s air travel security had been foisted on our world because of Jews instead of Muslims…
Would anyone be riding with us?

I think the UN Secretary’s statement on the Peshawar massacre went to 2, maybe 3 whole sentences. It’s not easy for him to take time-out from his organization’s main activity: the bullying and castigation of the only nation in the world which has never hijacked an airplane, terrorized a school, started a war or discriminated against any other race or religion.

And still, they will not ride with us.

No matter what gifts we bring to the world in science, medicine, agriculture, movies, comedy and family values … they will never ride with us.

Because we are the Jews.

And Israel is today The World’s Jew.


December 12, 2014

Human Rights are for Human Beings

This week’s publication by Senate Democrats of a report into CIA interrogation methods was a lot to do with party politics.  But the sanctimonious and handwringing response from pundits well beyond America’s shores is all about what is wrong with us – not what’s wrong with the CIA.

Had this report come out soon after 9-11, only the most lunatic fringe of the Left would have been crying foul over the human rights of any suspect in the planning and execution of such an inhuman outrage. 13 years on, the sheer horror of that day seems to have worn off to the extent that it’s fashionable to be counted amongst the handwringers. The day after the report was published I wonder how many of the silent majority felt embarrassed to argue the opposite view on chat radio, or around the office water cooler?

Instead of finding our voices in demanding zero tolerance for the culture that spawned 9-11, we’ve fallen into a tyranny of political correctness where it is expected that we sacrifice our true and honest feelings of anger and deep resentment on the altar of self-blame and dhimmitude.
The same perversion of crime & punishment runs at the local level. Whenever some deviant carries out an evil act, the calls are not to "lock him up" but to investigate his childhood and find out how we or society made him do it. And when such scumbags get shot in the process of their crimes, it's law enforcement that gets the heat and a good cop is hounded out of his job and his hometown.

In an average week, thousands of Sunnis kill thousands of Shia and vice versa. Do such people give a damn about a handful of their brothers being waterboarded or dying of hypothermia chained to the floor of a CIA safehouse?  No, not unless it embarrasses the Great Satan.
In addition to thoroughly demoralizing those who work in the CIA, this report promises to make millionaires out of every Guantanamo inmate and vastly enrich the CAIR lawyers who will be falling over each other in the rush to bring civil suits against super-rich Uncle Sam.
I often think about what my grandparents and the millions of other Holocaust victims might say to those Jews who today attack and delegitimize our only and tiny state, which might well have saved them in that era.

The same goes for 9-11 victims.

What would the murdered traders of Cantor Fitzgerald now be saying to those who bewail the mistreatment of the plotters and accomplices of such mass murder?  How might they feel about all this week’s liberal op-eds and the luvvies on their chat shows?  And the prospect of million-dollar payouts to those who still laud the heroism of the hijackers, while their own widows and orphaned children struggle without a father and breadwinner?

If this is the ‘high ground’ that America is claimed to have lost, then that high ground is where our liberty will surely be buried forever.

9-11 was a declaration of war by radical Islam on the West. You cannot fight by the Queensberry Rules when your opponent is breaking all of them. Those who flew planes loaded with passengers into buildings filled with people were crazed beasts. Those who sent them, funded them or still honor them are creatures of pure evil.

If they want human rights, let them first join humanity.

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