October 14, 2015

Separation !

My heart goes out to the mostly defenseless victims of this latest terror wave in Israel and to the families of those who succumbed to their injuries. My admiration goes to the security services and MDA/Hatzola volunteers who are working round the clock to stem the flow of blood in the streets of Israel.

Officials and media pundits are still fussing about whether this is the Third Intifada or just a bad case of civil unrest. It is neither.
This is war.

To anyone with eyes in their head, this is nothing less than a guerrilla war being waged in streets all over Israel.

In any other country this would warrant emergency powers being declared by government, the suspension of habeas corpus and the interning of suspects in detention camps. Britain did no less for Northern Ireland in the 1970s.

In the case of Jerusalem, this means sealing off the Palestinian Arab areas, suspending all crossing rights and barring so-called Palestinians from public transport and municipal facilities and suspending their work permits. They have proved that they cannot be trusted to live among us and they will have created the very Apartheid with which they falsely labelled us.
There are plenty of Filipinos eager to take up the hospital jobs and plenty of Chinese workers willing to work on our building sites. These are people who love our people and our country. They don’t sit up all night thinking of new ways to kill Jews.

Another subject fretting the officials and media pundits is how much incitement there is and by whom. Again I seek to differ. I am more concerned about ‘enablement’ than incitement.
It is the government which brought this upon Israeli citizens by ignoring the rock throwers for too long. By turning the other cheek to the nightly attacks on the light railway. By allowing Arab vandals to roam freely over the Mount of Olives cemetery, intimidating mourners without a policeman in sight. By tolerating the spate of car rammings and firebombings. And all that, set against the ignominy of prisoner releases, has totally eroded all deterrence and removed the fear Arabs once had of a Jewish soldier, border guard or policeman.

Much of this erosion of deterrence comes by courtesy of self-appointed Israeli justices who bend over backwards to uphold “Palestinian rights” and who order the opening of Israeli roads like the 443 to those who quickly turn them into new killing grounds. In a very real sense, these ‘bleeding heart judges’ are responsible for much of today’s Jewish bloodshed.

Emergency powers will override that skewed court system and will act immediately to put these so-called Palestinians back in their place …. away from our people. 

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October 07, 2015

Let’s get real and act as if we own the place !

The government’s mantra is that peace is only possible if our Arab neighbours recognize Israel as a Jewish state.

But why should they if even we don’t?

I’m not talking about nutjobs like Neturei Karta or the vile merchants of sedition at Ha'aretz.
I’m talking about Prime Minister Netanyahu and his security cabinet. I’m talking about Jerusalem Mayor Barkat and his municipal officers. I’m also talking about the justices of the local and superior courts. Why do they not recognise the sovereignty of their own state?
How can we expect others to take us seriously as a sovereign nation if we do not ourselves?

It’s no exaggeration to say that almost every decision made at all levels of officialdom where it concerns Arabs is not determined by the interests of Israelis and their security, but by how foreign leaders, NGOs and media may judge us. This is totally unsustainable.

Look at poor Europe as it struggles with its migrant crisis and the failure of its single currency. These problems were not caused by Syria’s civil war or incompetent central bankers. They are rooted in the erosion of ‘nation statehood’ within what was supposed to be a European free trade area. Once proud and independent countries like Britain ceded their national identity in a European melting pot and lost control of their laws, currency and borders. As we see the demise in what European states have so suddenly lost, we must jealously guard and empower our own nation statehood and sovereignty.

It is therefore absurd that, whilst we still have our independence, we look to failing European states for approval of our own sovereign actions. We need to stop beseeching Arab states to recognize our right to exist. That would be like the oldest founding member of a golf club having to show ID at the door. We exist, we have repossessed our biblical homeland and we should be seen to be exercising all the powers of our sovereignty to maintain security, law and order and our national ethos and values. Truly a light unto the flickering European ex-nations.

This means, Mr Minister of Security Gilad Erdan, that we will not ‘grin and bear it’ whilst young children of freshly slain Jews are still sitting shiva. This means, Mr Netanyahu, that ‘zero-tolerance’ is about breaking bones not walking on eggshells. And this, Mayor Barkat, means that by failing for years to protect the peace of the dead on the Mount of Olives you’ve empowered the cemetery vandals to go butchering live Jews in Har Nof, stabbing families in the Old City and stoning your new light railway on a nightly basis.

So, let’s get real and act as if we own the place.


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