March 27, 2016

This freedom thing will be the death of us

I don’t know where the next terrorist attack on Europe will take place.
But I do know who will be carrying it out.

Apart from the obvious – it being an incited Islamist – it will almost certainly be someone who the police know about and was on their ‘watch list’.
This has been a common theme all the way back to 9-11.

In almost every Islamist terror outrage since then it’s always been someone already ‘on the radar’ of the security services.

How many more innocent civilians have to lose their lives and how many more parents and spouses need to see their lives destroyed before this lunacy stops?

I speak not of the lunacy of Islamist terrorism. But the lunacy of our ascribinghuman rights to inhuman terrorists.

The most important defence against terrorism is ‘humint’ – knowing what is going in in the streets and what is being talked about in extremist groups: human intelligence. We rely on our security services to use their ‘nouse’ – Britspeak for gut instinct – to identify a baddie or something bad that is about to go down.

How many detective stories have you read or watched which have that essential turning point based on the cop’s ‘hunch’. That is trained intuition – the most important resource in the crime-fighting arena.
And yet this most powerful tool that we depend upon for life or death has been taken away or stunted in the interests of political correctness. 

In Britain it’s called ‘stop & search’ – otherwise known as ‘suss’.
Because of complaints from ‘ethnic minorities’ British police have had their suss freedoms curtailed. Stop & search numbers fell last year by a straggering 40 percent in just 12 months.
Does this make sense?  Should a police officer fear to follow his or her hunches?

Imagine a doctor, with decades of medical training and internships at major hospitals not being allowed to follow his educated guesses on symptoms that present themselves? Especially in a time-critical and life-or-death scenario. It would be absurd. And yet the police are not free to do the same thing, because it might offend the ethnic minorities.

What kind of freedom puts the sensitivities of ethnic minorities above the prime directive of all governments: to protect and defend citizens?

The governments of Europe should ask their security services to print out their watch-lists and quarantine everyone that’s on them until they are totally sanitized. Radical Islam is at war with us and war powers should override the niceties of political correctness.

If we fail to do this, such freedoms will be the death of us.

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