June 04, 2016

Killing Britain - for a few dollars more...

“For Sale: 50% price reduction and 30-year interest-free mortgage on stunning 10-room Beverly Hills style villa, swimming pool, sauna, tennis court, wine cellar and double garage. Outstanding view of Three-Mile-Island nuclear power station, just 5 minutes away.”

Would you even consider living there for ANY money?

Or tripling your salary to take a job in an asbestos factory?

What’s the point of being well-off if it’s killing you?

This is the part I just don’t get on the UK referendum about staying in the European Union.
The ‘Leave’ campaign’s mantra is that the EU’s open borders are killing Britain; killing its national identity and its sovereignty, overloading schools, hospitals and social services to breaking point and threatening a backlash of social strife which will bring rioting to the streets. Not a pretty sight.

The ‘Remain’ campaign’s mantra is about prosperity. Brexit, they insist, will reduce trade and lower national incomes across the board.

But isn’t that like getting a pay rise and promotion from an employer about to go bust?

Realists can clearly see that - the way things are going - England will be unrecognizable in 30 years from now. So, isn’t maintaining the British way of life worth making a few sacrifices for? Or is all this short-term confetti-money just too much to resist?

From this side of the English Channel we watch the European ship sinking under waves of uncontrolled immigration, mortally holed by multiple financial crises and its decks already seething with mutinous groups of the extreme Left and far Right.

Every instinct tells us to uncouple and save ourselves before it’s too late.
But to stay tied for a few dollars more?  That makes no sense at all.

What’s truly frightening are our own people who were so keen on Israel joining the European Union not so long ago. One of those proponents was the new defense minister, Avigdor Lieberman.
Just imagine an Israel with open borders, its surviving Jewish remnant shot through with the pellets of multiculturalism and its laws dictated from Brussels.

Fortunately, Israel has a Father Protector who saves His people from the consequences of their own hubris and stupidity.

“Behold - the keeper of Israel neither slumbers nor sleeps” (Tehillim 121:4) 


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