December 07, 2017

Trump's Truth to Power on Jerusalem

My Statement re Trump's declaration on Jerusalem

Likud-Herut UK applauds United States President Donald J Trump for his statement yesterday, recognising Jerusalem as the capital of the state of Israel.

Jerusalem has been the Jewish capital for 3,000 years and the seat of Israel’s government since 1949.

In making his bold and brave statement, President Trump spoke ‘truth to power’ in a very real sense. The truth being what is enshrined in the bible that unites the world’s three main faiths. The power being what has until now held that truth as a hostage to terror and oil interests.

We call upon our prime minister Theresa May to follow the US president’s lead and speak the same truth to the power of her own Foreign Office here in London, which has such an abysmal record on anything that concerns the Jewish state. Truth to the power of her Labour opposition, whose party has disgraced itself in the UK Jewish community and whose leader has referred to the likes of Hamas as friends.

In truth Britain owes Israel far more than just a recognition of its Jerusalem capital. It owes Israel the Kingdom of Jordan which was stolen out of its League of Nations mandate. Britain is therefore the very last nation in a position to complain about Jewish ‘occupation’ of the West Bank of the Jordan river.

So, we urge Prime Minister May to follow President Trump’s lead. To atone for that historic betrayal. To show that Britain will not be cowed by threats of terrorism – either conventional or economic. To show real daylight on this issue between her party and that of Jeremy Corbyn. And to take her Foreign Office in a new direction which might finally facilitate the very long-outstanding royal visit to the region’s only democracy – the state of Israel.

Finally we lament any death or injury caused in the rioting which has been fomented by Palestinian groups over this announcement. It is a great pity such outrage could not have been mobilised over the loss of 500,000 lives in Syria.

Zalmi Unsdorfer
Chairman - LHUK

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