January 27, 2018

An Amazing Year for Israel

Hard to believe that just a year ago we were reeling from the treachery of Obama's parting shot to the Jews - turning America's back on Israel at the United Nations for the first time.

But just as our people have seen throughout history, from Joseph in the dungeon to the story of Purim, the Six-Day-War, the Entebbe rescue and to this day ....

ישועת השם כהרף עין

God's deliverance comes in the wink of an eye.

Could anyone have foreseen the change for Israel arriving with Trump, Pence and Haley? 

As I blogged some months ago here, Donald Trump has a lot in common with Israel, being Demonized, Delegitimized, and treated with Double-standards as Sharansky famously defined antisemitism.  

But just as for Israel - now very much 'the World's Jew' - the media's daily defamation of this president and the sneers of European leaders cannot wipe out the underlying truth.

Share the truth of Trump's first year with this great video .....

January 01, 2018

The Silence of the Lambs

It’s Day 5 of the people’s uprising in Iran, and the silence from European leaders is utterly shameful.

These are the same leaders who went along with Obama’s insane rescue of Teheran’s mullahs from the brink of sanctions death, at a time when world oil prices were rock bottom – they were on their last legs.

Within days of the JCPOA deal going through, and Obama’s release of $150 billion of funds to the ayatollahs, there was an unseemly scramble by European governments to grab as many contracts with Teheran that they could.

In the midst of this feeding frenzy, Khomeini’s centrifuges were spinning away and his underground nuclear bunkers were being ever-more reinforced with concrete. Who cares about tomorrow and the rest of the world when there’s $150 billion in cash falling from the sky?

Insiders say that Obama’s money was quickly turned around by the ayatollahs to buy a ready-made nuke from North Korea. After all - why reinvent the wheel? Under its own sanctions, North Korea was desperate for foreign currency and would have sold their mass destruction at a bargain price.

Whatever the outcome of the Iranian people's courageous uprising, these days of silence by western leaders will live in infamy.

Shame on you lambs Merkel, May, Macron and Trudeau.

And kudos to the lionhearted Donald Trump.

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