February 28, 2019

Bibi vs. the Post Democracy Movement

A bad day for Bibi? A bad day for the Likud?
Yes, to both.
But let’s understand what is going on here.
It’s no coincidence that Bibi opened with thanks to President Trump for his support. This is because they are kindred spirits. They are both targets of the same new and powerful enemy: the weaponised state.
For Trump it started under Obama when the IRS was weaponised to harass any right wing campaign funds and NGOs, the FBI was weaponised to eavesdrop on Fox News and ultimately the justice department was weaponised to investigate supposed fake Trump-Russia election collusion as a smokescreen to the genuine Clinton collusion when Hillary’s State Department approved the transfer of 20% of America’s uranium holdings to Russia, while nine investors in the deal funnelled $145 million to the Clinton Foundation. Whilst the Mueller probe against Trump has found no Russia collusion, it’s clear that Trump associates – such as Cohen and Manafort – have been threatened with long jail terms for unrelated misdeeds unless they dish up some Trump dirt, whether real or made-up.
The same goes for Bibi. Just like Trump, he has a 90% leftist media ranged against him along with the powers that be in the self-appointed court system and ‘Deep State’ of the civil service.
This is the ugliness of our post-democracy age. If you can’t win power through the ballot box, use all other means. Weaponize the media, justice and law enforcement, make sensational allegations and leak stories all over the place. Trial by television.
As I posted last week, the Lahav 433 police unit has an abysmal track record with high profile indictments which have an even bigger failure rate than Britain’s SFO (which satirical magazine Private Eye lampoons as: the Serious Farce Office). When the Bibi cases collapse in two years’ time, it will be too late to fix next month’s electoral damage to the Right which the media, supreme court, left-wing parties and their Arab bedfellows are hoping for.
But let’s not forget, this is Bibi Netanyahu. This is a man who doesn’t shy away from a fight. A man who defied the last president of the United States by going over his head to Congress over the Iran deal. If he fights his corner even 1/10th of the extent to which he has fought Israel’s corner all these years, he will come out victorious.
When it comes to predicting Israeli voting intentions, I always think of what the average taxi driver would be saying. I think the Israeli cabbies are smart enough to see through this leftist smokescreen and will reflect the wider public in rejecting the slander and voting in favour of what’s been achieved by Likud under Netanyahu. The most sustained period of peace and quiet, economic strength and success and levels of optimism and happiness that we have seen in the history of the state.

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