October 05, 2019

Liberman - no legacy just wreckage

Mr Liberman - for all your pronouncements, the truth is that YOU are responsible for this mess and interregnum at one of the must crucial junctures of Israel's history.

As we we enter the final year of Donald Trump's first term as US president and have the golden opportunity to clinch the annexation of our vitally important eastern border, the Jordan Valley, before Washington is recaptured by the likes of Obama, Clinton, Carter - to whom such an act would have been unthinkable.

You know that only Netanyahu is best placed to see this through with President Trump.

You also know, from bitter personal experience, how corruption charges and incessant leaks most often have nefarious political origins but end up discredited and groundless.

In reality, the only things that motivated you as saboteur of last Spring's right wing coalition government were hate and envy.

Hate of the Haredim and envy of Netanyahu.

And this from a man whose own wife and daughter are religious, who lives on a West Bank settlement and who got his first break in politics as Bibi's chief of staff.

Beyond that, he hasn't notched up a single legislative or parliamentary achievement in his career - except this car crash.

What is the opposite of patriot?
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