June 04, 2021

Why do the gender warriors support Hamas?

Dennis Prager is truly a national treasure: whether you refer to the US nation or the Jewish nation. The founder of Prager University, he's a rare voice of sanity in what has become a totally crazy world.

This is one of his recent podcasts where he touches on an amazing analysis of what kinds of people are pro-Hamas and anti-Israel.  It's as fascinating as the second half is shocking in relation to the education of America's children.




June 02, 2021

A Government of National What???

National Unity?

Isn’t Israel supposed to be the Jewish nation state?
So, a government of ‘national’ unity, by definition, should primarily be the unity of its Jewish members of parliament as elected in the last poll. Sure, it would be great to have the support of Arab members, but to exclude Likud members of the largest party by far, elected by 25% of the voters, is decidedly not a government of Jewish national unity.
Sourpuss Likud defector Gideon Sa’ar prefers to call it a ‘government of change’ – anything but Netanyahu. Bennett will call it whatever he needs to, with the simple goal of being called prime minister on the back of his paltry 7 Knesset seats.
The whole scenario is reminiscent of the First Temple siege two thousand years ago, when Titus delayed the Roman advance because Jews were already killing each other behind the city walls. Substitute the Romans with today’s Islamist parties and you have the same scenario of self-destruction.
And all the while, these squabbling and power-hungry children are handing out ministries like candy to the folks with the smallest share of the vote. Talk about arranging deckchairs on the Titanic!
In this unseemly squabble for power and influence, the leader of Meretz (another 6-seat player) who hasn’t yet been appointed to her promised ministry, has already announced legislation that would seriously harm the teaching of Jewish history. Then there’s the anti-religious Liberman with his 7 seats salivating over the finance ministry he’s been promised. It was his stubborn refusal to join the Likud coalition in 2019 that brought about these repeat elections which have already cost the nation close to 4 billion dollars. Where will he look to recoup these losses? Most likely by cutting welfare to religious families.
Whether or not it gets to the finishing line, this is a coalition that cannot stand very long. Half of me wants to see them take power long enough to totally discredit themselves in concessions to Hamas in a prisoner exchange pressured by Biden and total capitulation the cash demands of the PLO parties who are already counting the billions of dollars offered by Bennet and Lapid for their cooperation (not that it will ever buy their loyalty).
It just won’t last.
Hopefully Israelis will be a lot wiser at the 5th election.

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