September 08, 2022

9-11, Bin Laden & General Tzu

 Coming up to the 21st anniversary of 9/11 I can’t help noticing that Islamic terrorism has been off our headlines for quite a while. Even the recent killing of Al Qaeda’s chief Al-Zawahiri passed without serious response or credible threats.

Does this mean that America has defeated Al Qaeda? Has the Jihad abandoned its quest to bomb the West back into the stone age and force its survivors to swear fealty to the Prophet?  I think not.

The more logical explanation is that the cunning and very patient emirs of the Jihad are content to see America destroy itself from within and save them all the expense, trouble and effort.

They watch as America’s military power is humiliated in Afghanistan and its economic power is withering under unprecedentedly profligate government spending and runaway inflation. They watch as millions of economic migrants from more than 150 countries pour across the US/Mexico border – some already on the terror watchlist and still more acting as ‘mules’ for the gangs smuggling vast quantities of Chinese-made Fentanyl tablets which are killing American kids by the thousands.

Those American kids that survive, will be educated in classes held back by the illiterate migrant children and their grades will suffer along with the country and industries that depend on that next generation of scientists and engineers. The migrant adults will enter the black economy – or worse still drugs and prostitution - sending all their earnings back to Mexico and beyond to pay off their human smuggler debt. And in the process of chain migration, migrant grandparents will join the family unit with all their ailments and disabilities ready to be unloaded on an already overstretched Medicare system – blocking beds to US citizens who’ve actually paid taxes into the system all their working lives. A recipe for resentment, civil unrest and national decline.

All the while, America is greening itself into bankruptcy – shutting its own pipelines to the world’s richest store of energy like a man cutting off his right arm as he clings to a steep cliff. To make things worse, the feckless US president has drained the country’s strategic energy reserve in a ‘King Canute’ effort to lower gas prices at the pumps – and this while a superpower confrontation looms in Europe.

And if all that wasn’t enough, the Caliphate elders are licking their chops over the disintegration of American family life – the very foundation of any society. It was bad enough when a third of America’s kids grew up without a father. Now they are being educated to doubt their own sexuality from pre-school age and to question the basic morality of their nation’s founding. Mix that with defunding of law & order and you have the full playbook of Western Hara-Kiri.

And it’s not just jihadis who watch this play out. China is also watching patiently, even as it soaks up billions in orders for solar panels and propellers that cloudy and windless Europe expects to replace its energy production. Always playing the long game, China’s leaders will follow the teachings of its 6th century warrior/philosopher, General Sun Tzu who wrote: 'The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting’. 

Will the woke ever wake up in time to save themselves?

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