April 30, 2006

The Nazi Polyp

Menachem Begin used to say: for as long as Jews are dependent on the support of other nations, they will always be living under the threat of a new holocaust.

Twenty years after the arrest of Jonathan Pollard, the State of Israel no longer needs to rely on the US for its satellite imagery. The amazing clarity of this first picture of a Syrian dam from Israel’s new Eros satellite attests to the quality of what the IDF must now be seeing in imagery of Iran and its nuclear installations.

This is feat not unlike Israel’s other piece of ingenuity in surveillance. This is the camera-in-a-capsule developed by Given Imaging. It travels through the intestine, photographing cancerous polyps with a clarity unequalled by conventional colonoscopy.

Let us hope that the cancerous polyp that is Iran’s Nazi president, Ahmad Ahmadinejad, is speedily excised from the gut of the free world which he seeks to subjugate by terror and nuclear blackmail.

April 26, 2006

Coalition: Latest

Kadima = Land for Peace
Shas = Land for Cash

April 24, 2006

Jewish Saboteurs in Iran

At times like these one hopes that the Mossad has infiltrated undercover agents into Iran to target their nuclear facilities for sabotage or aerial attack.

Some hopes!

The only Jews who have infiltrated Iran are those who are there to support the new Iranian fuehrer in his avowed intention to wipe another 6 million Jews off the map.

Watch these sickos interviewed here on Iranian TV: http://tinyurl.com/maoes

Once gets the distinct feeling that even the Iranian interviewers hold these characters in utter contempt.

Now is the time for Jews all over the world to cast out the degenerates of Neturei Karta from their communities. To deny them employment in our businesses, welfare from our charities and admission to our synagogues.

Recently it was discovered that the Union of Orthodox Hebrew Congregations in the UK had made payments to Neturei Karta amounting to some $70,000 in recent years. A newsgroup has been set up to focus support for the issuance of a Rabbinical Cherem (excommunication order) against Neturei Karta and its followers.

To visit and subscribe to this newsgroup, follow this link: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/neturei-kapo/

April 19, 2006

Government of Chelm

A row has broken out in Israel over a solidarity visit paid by three Arabs recently elected to the 17th Israeli Knesset to Hamas officials recently stripped of their residency rights in Jerusalem. In the furor over this treachery, right wingers have described Arab MK’s as a Trojan horse within the Knesset and even Kadima’s members have asked the Attorney General to launch an investigation.

Some joke. This is the same Attorney General who, in February, opposed the disqualification of these guys from the election after they declared their stated intention to negotiate with Hamas.

In truth, the Arab MKs’ activities and loyalties are hardly surprising. It is not they who need investigating - but Israel. How on earth can a country at war afford to allow the enemy into its own legislature? In the Second World War, all you had to do was speak German and you were shipped out to Australia or some other secure location until the war’s end. But in Israel, Arabs are invited into the Knesset even if they are into sedition.

And if that fails to nauseate you, why not ask what these Arabs do as paid members of Israel’s parliament when they are not paying solidarity visits to Hamas?

Well, I can tell you about this one. He is Taleb a-Sanna. And on Monday he became the first Arab MK ever to be appointed to the Knesset's Committee for Foreign Affairs and Defense. Yes, defense!

This might explain the government’s delay in retaliating for Monday’s bombing in Tel Aviv. The defense committee can’t give its advice till Mr. a-Sanna gets back from Ramallah.

April 16, 2006

Letter to Haaretz

Dear Mr Shavit:

Having read your open letter to Olmert, I must say you have some chutzpah.
By your own admission it was you journalists that elected Olmert by failing to discharge your prime duty to the voting public: to inform and to question.
And for your failures, Israel will have to pay in spades and its soldiers with their lives and its civilians with their limbs.
There is only one thing more shameful than the corruption in Israel's government.
It is the utter bankpruptcy of its press.
You and your peers made the bed. I fear you will get little sleep over the next 4 years.
And as for thinking Olmert will change? Dream on my friend!
Sharon at least had the balls to make changes, even if they prove to be dead wrong.
Olmert however is a nobody whose appearance as Prime Minister of the State of Israel with an Arab-loving quasi-Marxist for a wife, a lesbian daughter and draft-dodging sons is every bit as nauseating as Dana International's appearance as Israel's representative to the Eurovision song contest.
If anyone needs to change after this debacle, it is you and your colleagues.
I am not asking you to support the right.
Only to expose and attack the wrong.

April 11, 2006

Beyond Our Ken

He called Sharon a war criminal and Israel a pariah state. He says orthodox Jews infest Jerusalem and that Israel might be ready to commit mass suicide by detonating an atomic bomb. He calls for an arms embargo against Israel and says sanctions against the Jewish State might be as successful as they were against apartheid South Africa. Not surprisingly he depends on a substantially Muslim vote for re-election.

No, it’s not Ken Livingstone.

I give you British and Jewish MP, Sir Gerald Bernard Kaufman who, on the day Iran announced the nuclear capability to make good on its promise to wipe the Jewish state off the map, demands sanctions against Israel over the deaths of two Britons doing their bit for Palestine in a war zone they thought was some kind of Disneyland.

Why such a nobody should have been knighted by the Queen in 2004 is a mystery. It’s hardly an honour he could have paid for judging by his entries in the Parliamentary Register of Members Interests. Moreover, I doubt his paid trips to Kuwait and Abu Dhabi are for family barmitzvahs. If he grew a beard and sidelocks he could earn a better living as chairman of the Neturei Karta.

All this proves once again that, however much we may complain about creeps like Ken Livingstone, we can always count on our own people to outdo them.

April 10, 2006

Judas & Nike

They once held a competition for who could create the world’s most shattering newspaper headline. The winner was: Archduke Franz Ferdinand Found Alive: Two World Wars a Mistake.

I was reminded of this reading the story which has broken about Judas Iscariot and the discovery of an ancient manuscript which proves that he was not the traitor he was portrayed to be in the Christian gospels. Pundits speculate what might have happened had this manuscript come to light centuries ago; that generations of Jew hatred and pogroms might never have happened.

About as likely as old Franz being found alive.

No-one needs an excuse for anti-Semitism.

Like Nike says: they just do it!

April 07, 2006

Thought Stopping

Letter to The Jerusalem Post

Sometimes a sentence is capable of bringing you to a full stop - without the dot. Such a line appeared in your front-page "Final tally lifts Olmert to center-left majority" (March 31), in which you reported that the election result "gave Olmert's plan to withdraw unilaterally from most of the West Bank a majority of 61, even without the nine votes of the Arab parties."
What a thought-stopping line. We no longer need the Arabs to remove our people from our homeland. We're now older and wiser, and big enough to do it all by ourselves.

April 06, 2006

Is Likud Licked?

In the early morning of September 12th 2005, the last Israeli soldier to leave the Gaza strip closed the Kissufim gate firmly behind him. Whilst that marked Israel’s disengagement from a settlement enterprise originally created by Ariel Sharon, last Tuesday night saw Israel disengaging from another of Sharon’s creations: the party of Likud. Behind that gate in Gaza lay total devastation, everything razed down to the last shul. Had Sharon still been at the wheel of Kadima’s election bulldozer, it is doubtful much more would have been left of the Likud. But Ehud Olmert was not in the same HGV league and quickly slipped from the January forecast of 44 Knesset seats to just 29 in the final count. Along the way he took a detour through the settlement of Amona leaving more broken bones than buildings in a show of brute force that many voters felt should have been directed at Hamas instead of his own people.

As the dust settled the morning after the election, it became clear that the much vaunted mandate for “further unilateral withdrawals” had never materialised. But still, Kadima’s people boasted that they could command a withdrawal majority ‘even without the 10 Arab mandates’. What a stunning observation: that we no longer need to depend on Arabs to drive us out of our land. We are old enough and smart enough to do it all by ourselves.

So where does this leave Likud, now ranking joint third with Shas at 12 seats in the seventeenth Knesset? Much depends on the makeup of the new ruling coalition and the willingness of the right wing nationalist parties to similarly coalesce and put the territorial integrity of Eretz Yisrael above issues of party and person.

From the day of Sharon’s first party referendum on disengagement, the Likud has been pulled like an elastic band as far to the left as it could stand. After Sharon jumped ship, Netanyahu tried to claim the center ground fearing that too close an association with the settlers would lose him votes. In the end all that failed and his election bid was flattened by the settlers he had forsaken for a longer spell at the cabinet table and the underclass he had impoverished as finance minister. The proof is clear to see in the victors of this election. Yisrael Beiteinu’s Avigdor Lieberman and the National Union’s Benny Elon were the first to walk out of Sharon’s government over his disengagement plans. And the Gil pensioners and Shas parties have benefited from the protest votes of the poor.

Likud will survive only by snapping back to its original platform of Revisionist Zionism, true to the founding principles of Jabotisky and Begin. That does not mean hanging on to land for its own sake. After all, it was Menachem Begin who gave up more acreage in the Sinai than Olmert ever will in the West Bank. Uzi Landau, leader of Likud’s rebels summed it up thus: A man may consent to the amputation of a limb to save his life. But in making that decision, he asserts it is his limb. We may consent to ceding territory for a genuine peace with a stable and democratic neighbour, but let’s never forget that it was always our land.

[This piece first appeared in London Jewish News]

April 01, 2006

Rice and Straw

Few halfwits have ever got as high up in government as Jack Straw. In terms of his leanings against Israel, he is a worthy successor to Robin Cook of whom the institutionally Arabist Foreign Office was rightly proud. But at least Cook had intellect. Straw however, is a complete ass. Of all the places in England he could have taken Condi Rice last week, strutting Jack decided to take her to his home constituency of Blackburn, home to the largest Muslim community in Britain.

Not having the sense to think things through, he thought the best thing might be to mimic his boss Tony Blair who last year invited his opposite number, George W, to the local pub in his home constituency of Sedgefield.

So, where Dubya had a jar, Condi got jarred, and instead of beers she got boos; from hordes of Islamic anti-war protestors and supporters of human rights for Taliban fighters in Guantanamo.

At least when he wore glasses, there was some illusion of intelligence. But vanity got the better of our Jack and, in his contacts he now looks as he is: a complete fool.
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