July 28, 2007

Bin Laden's Lesson

I’ve lost count of the investigations and allegations ranged against Ehud Olmert, but it’s clear that in a government which is headed by a crook, the best way to get promotion is to have been charged with a crime. Thus the ex-con former justice minister Chaim Ramon was promoted to Deputy Prime Minister; his conviction for sexual misconduct long forgotten.

In his elevated role, he has found other uses for his now infamous tongue. Desperate to give away more of our homeland as quickly as possible, he declares that Israel must move to final status talks with PLO chairman Mahmoud Abbas.

His exact words: “I believe right now we have a partner. I don’t know for how long, so we must move quickly.”

Has this man learned nothing from the recent events on Gaza? That was an area ‘supposedly’ controlled by the PA with all the money and guns the US and Israel could ship in to Abbas. Almost overnight it had been taken over by Hamas and Abbas had fled to the West Bank.

What does Ramon imagine will happen to a West Bank that is handed over to Abbas?

Ramon goes on to say: “In my eyes, the occupation of the territories threatens our very existence, our legitimacy and our international standing.”

Doesn’t the experience of recent events – and the whole history of our struggle with the Arabs – show that it is only the surrender of territory that threatens our existence? And that whatever we surrender counts for not a single jot to our legitimacy and ‘international standing’ in the world. Jews only got sympathy when they were being gassed – or perhaps more accurately AFTER they had been gassed.

Sympathy we don’t need. Respect is something that Israel only ever got when it smashed its enemies in the Six Day War and rescued its people from Entebbe. Even Osama bin Laden understood that basic truth when he said: “When people see a strong horse and a weak horse, by nature, they will like the strong horse.”

Ramon is a mule in a stinking government stable that badly needs clearing out.


July 24, 2007

Tisha B'Av

Last week I joined a 3-day architectural lecture tour of the Old City and City of David. The sheer power of the Roman empire was clear to be seen along with its prowess in the construction of massive edifices and engineering of wondrous aqeducts.

We had some of Israel's most illustrious archeologists to guide our mixed group, from religious to secular.

After 3 days of exposure to the relics of Roman power, a religious seminary girl whispered a comment to our secular guide. He replied: "Don't whisper - say it out loud, so they can all hear."

She turned to us and said: "I just remarked that, for all this incredible power the Romans had - they are no longer here. But we Jews ARE."

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July 13, 2007

Wake Up Call

This man is tired of fighting, tired of winning, tired of the Zionist dream, tired of the state comptroller's investigations, tired of Winograd ...
The electorate should put him to sleep and get us a new leader who is awake ...


July 10, 2007

Israel in Oslo - Britain in Stockholm

As a Londoner I have the feeling that recent events have finally brought Britain and Israel closer together than they have ever been.

Last weekend Britain’s brand new Prime Minister Gordon Brown was laying a wreath in memory of the victims of the London bombings in July 2005 even as his police were still rounding up suspects in the new bombings of July 2007. At the same time, he issued an order forbidding his ministers to utter any linkage of Islam with the bombings and to expunge the phrase ‘war on terror’ from all his government’s communications. And with that policy firmly established, he felt able to reduce the national threat condition from ‘critical’ back down to ‘severe’. Brown’s new Jewish foreign secretary – the son of holocaust survivors – has been gushing with praise for Hamas and their critical assistance in the freeing of the BBC’s Gaza correspondent with his head still attached to his body. He feels that now is the time to ‘engage’ with Hamas and is likely to be at the forefront of moves to restore EU funding to the terrorist group regardless of their failure to renounce terror or recognise the existence of Israel.

With a UK general election not far off, you would have thought the opposition Conservative party might have a different approach. Some hopes! Its own new leader David Cameron seems more worried about global warming and his carbon footprint than anything else. His response to the latest act in the UK jihad is the parachuting of Sayeeda Warsi into no less than the chamber of the House of Lords as the first Muslim member of his shadow cabinet. The new Baroness, who supports ‘engaging with’ Hamas killers, will be responsible for our ‘community cohesion’. Cohesion is of course an area of specialist knowledge for jihadists who have experimented widely with unsuspecting civilians in crowded buses and restaurants.

What all this amounts to is the most blatant denial of the true message of 7/7 2005 and this month’s repeat performance which failed only by the merest fluke; or as I would prefer, by the grace of God. The speed of the British government’s capitulation in the face of a clear and present threat from the fifth column embedded in its health and other public services, makes even France look like a safer place for those who seek freedom and security.

Whilst all this was going on, the Israeli government was also denying reality. Still not cured of its Oslo delusions, Israel is again sending guns and writing out more hundred-million-dollar cheques payable to those sworn to its destruction. At the same time, Ehud Olmert draws up his latest list of terrorists to be freed in exchange for … nothing and no-one. It is unlikely that a single cabinet member doubts that the money will find its way to Hamas to fund more terrorism against Israel. Nor will anyone doubt that many of the freed terrorists will be back to murder more Jews. But still they send the guns, the money and the prisoners.

Oslo is a delusion of peace, a fantasy that by throwing more meat to the lions, they will become vegetarians. Usually the most effective cure for such mental illness is shock treatment. There is therefore hope that last year’s rocketing from Lebanon and the second round of war which seems likely to follow very soon on a more extended front, will ultimately silence the voices of Oslo.

Where Britain is concerned, it’s plain to see that the government’s reaction is rooted in fear. Like that BBC correspondent who now speaks so highly of Hamas, Britain had her blindfold taken off on 7/7 and found herself held hostage by a community of 2 million Muslims and the threat of civil disobedience if any of their sensibilities were offended. The rabid ‘cartoon demonstrations’ in European cities and the torching of cars and property in over 3 weeks of rioting in France were messages that a fearsome British government took to heart. It had two choices: Churchill or Chamberlain. It chose Chamberlain.

Hostages often suffer from a condition known as the Stockholm Syndrome. This is named after a failed bank robbery in the Swedish capital some 30 years ago. The bank staff developed a bond with their captors and did everything possible to protect them from the police surrounding the bank. This friendship extended long after the criminals were jailed when former hostages visited them and one was rumoured to have become engaged with her former captor.

Britain was that quiet Swedish bank which, one sunny day, saw evil walking through its doors. Two years ago, within days of the 7/7 carnage in London, government leaders were wringing their hands not over what the jihadists had done, but what Britain had done. Instead of demanding that Muslim leaders dissociate from and condemn the action, British parliamentarians went Mosque-hopping with reassurances ‘old chap’ that everything’s okay. Taken together with Gordon Brown’s performance in this latest round of terror, there can be no doubt that this is a classic case of Stockholm.

Whilst Israel’s prognosis now looks better, Britain appears to be beyond recall. There seems to be no limit to what may be sacrificed on the altar of political correctness. Last month a judge walked out when a fully veiled defendant appeared in his courtroom accused of vandalising an apartment from which she was evicted. The judge now faces suspension.

Of course it is the case that whilst not all Muslims are terrorists, all terrorists these days seem to be Muslims. The vast majority are simply too silent, either out of fear or plain complicity. Some community leaders have condemned the killing as contrary to the teachings of the Koran and a blasphemy of the Prophet. But if that is the case, why is this blasphemy not being protested in Europe’s capitals with as much force and vitriol as the cartoons of Mohammed?

That is the question Gordon Brown should have put to Muslim community leaders. They need to become active partners in the fight against jihad terrorism. By ordering the denial of Islamist terror Prime Minister Brown spat on the victims of 7/7 and their long suffering families. It would have been more appropriate to see Muslim clerics laying wreaths in their memory, and to beg forgiveness for their misguided brothers.

[A slightly edited version of my above article appeared on Arutz Sheva]

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July 09, 2007

Laden with Bull

Let's not get too complacent about the failed bombings in London and Glasgow.

People are already sitting back and congratulating themselves that Al Qaeda has failed on this occasion and is losing its edge.

It's worthwhile remembering that Bin Laden's boys flew two huge airplanes into New York's twin towers with uncanny precision whilst his second team were flying similar missions to well guarded targets in Washington.

Does anyone think for one moment that the people behind those precision attacks wouldn't have the ken to steer a family car into a sleepy Scottish airport terminal???

July 02, 2007

A Good Old English Coup

Talking about the 'establishment', Israel is not the only place where its workings have surfaced into full view. One must never underestimate the power of the establishment. It is a large tapeworm that occupies the intestine of government, and regards each general election as nothing more than a meal break.

The establishment is made up of people who, no matter how the wind blows, never get fired or voted out of office. They are the senior civil servants - known as government mandarins - senior news editors and anchors and of course the tenured academics of our enlightened society.

These are the people who can get a whispering campaign up to such a fever pitch, that it is capable of totally overwhelming the victim. Such a victim was Tony Blair, whose simple understanding of the difference between good and evil aligned him with George Bush as a partner in the war against Islamic fascism.

After months of incessant media baiting of Blair over Iraq and Bush, a plot was hatched last autumn to precipitate the mass resignation of key ministers and top civil servants in a bid to force Blair to stand down and hand over the reins to his chancellor Gordon Brown.

Blair was forced into naming the day he would finally stand down.

In the process, a sitting prime minister of the United Kingdom was forced out of office by powerful figures in an establishment that could not stomach a war against Al Qaeda and was embarrassed to have its country associated with a 'dumb cowboy' like Bush. But more than anything else, this was an establishment of appeasement. Folks who truly believe that by pulling out of Iraq, London's streets will be spared by Islamist bombers.

These people would have been content to leave Saddam in place tocontinue tossing live citizens into tree shredders. These 'not in our name' marchers would have been content to leave millions of Afghan women imprisoned in their homes and their daughters banned from school.

These 'peace in our timers' are the same 'old chaps' who were happy to play cricket and croquet on the lush green lawns of the England while millions of Jews were being incinerated next door. Including my own grandparents.

These are the people that brought down a sitting prime minister in no lesser a forum than Westminster: the mother of all parliaments.

And this was no ordinary prime minister they unseated. Blair was one of the most successful and popular leaders the country ever had, winning 3 successive elections to become the longest-serving Labor PM in British history.

All this conjures up memories of Julius Caesar who was 55 years old when he was stabbed to death by his colleagues in the Roman senate 2,000 years ago.

Tony Blair will be 55 on his next birthday.

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July 01, 2007

Throw the Jew down the well

Witness the behavior of the establishment and press of the State of Israel.

How those who eased (an indicted) Chaim Ramon back into the revolving door of government, are so quick to attack (a so-far unindicted) Katsav's plea bargain agreement just so that the religious guy goes to prison.

And all this goes on while Shimon Peres moves his furniture into the presidential mansion. How convenient his election was to smooth the way for next year's scandals and the pardon that Olmert will undoubtedly need for at least one of the many charges ranged against him.

I have said it before and will say it again. Whatever Katsav is alleged to have done to "Miss Aleph" without her consent is nothing compared to what the secular establishment and its bedfellows in the anti-religious press are doing to the Jewish State.

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