February 29, 2008

Fighting Common Foes


In response to Larry Derfner’s excellent report on the Darfur refugees in Tel Aviv:
Ask not what we can do for them – but what they can do for us”.

Unlike those who were lucky enough to be flown into Ben Gurion during operation Moses, these plucky people have risked their lives and suffered beatings and abuse in a two-thousand-mile trek across the desert, finally to dodge the bullets of Egyptian border guards in their last scramble to reach Israel.

And why? To escape Islamic tyranny and return to a life of Christian values which are being ethnically cleansed from their homelands.

What better citizens could Israel hope for? And what better time for us to be welcoming them when the State is under demographic threat of a Muslim majority destabilising it from within?

Just as the escapees from Nazism were drafted into the Haganah from the very beaches they arrived on, these survivors could be drafted into the IDF to join our common fight against Islamism. A war to which most of Europe has still not woken up.

They should be awarded citizenship on completion of their army service which will have usefully familiarised them with the language and culture of the country.

Who knows? Perhaps they will become one of the most feared units in the IDF. And perhaps, in later life, some will take up seats in the Knesset and replace those held by seditious Arab MKs whose 'brotherhood' would have so callously shot the refugees at the Egyptian border.

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February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

Just in time for Valentine's Day, the world's most wanted terrorist Imad Mugniyeh finally gets to meet his 70 virgins.

And - judging by the force of the explosion that killed him - there'll be at least 70 pieces of him to share between them - one for each.

Hark the HOWLS of protest from Hizbullah, Syria and Iran.

We must surely have done something right for a change!

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February 04, 2008

First Blood

Consistent with its unashamed policy of wanton surrender of territory and principles, the Olmert government has now agreed to free even those with 'Jewish blood on their hands' in exchange for Gilad Schalit.

Who better to exchange than Olmert himself, whose hands are still warm with the blood of those 33 soldiers he sent to their deaths in the final stages of the Lebanon War, just to make him look good.

I have asked the same question again and again:

"What terrible sin did our people commit to deserve such weak, inept, corrupt and self-hating Jewish leaders?"

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February 03, 2008

The Depths of Depravity

Friday's double-suicide bombing in Baghdad and its massive toll of dead and injured would have been just another freeze-frame in the unending newsreel of the Islamic killing-fest; something that has become as common in the West as the daily weather report.

Even the fact of the bombers being women was unremarkable, since they have been regularly used as suicide bombers and couriers for bomb-belts hidden under their hijab robes. (Those are supposed to protect Muslim women from the gaze of other men. Muslim women it seems may be burned but not seen.)

What's so utterly sickening is that these two women had Down's Syndrome and were mentally unable to understand what they were doing or why these devices were being strapped to their bodies.

Even more sickening is that their bombs were triggered by remote control!

Call me naiive, but I have to admit that - beyond even 9/11 - this plunges the inhumanity of Islamic jihadists even further below the sub-bacterial level. What kind of viral effluent does this kind of thing? And in the name of religion?

For many, there is still living memory of such corruption of morality from the Nazi era. Anyone who has visited the Polish concentration camps will see the depths of man's inhumanity to man. (SS officers using newborn Jewish babies as footballs comes readily to mind.)

And as we now witness history repeating itself, with the new fascist leader of the Islamic world having his nuclear weapons fuelled by Russia, it beggars belief that educated people like Nancy Pelosi, Ted Kennedy, Barack Obama (all the way down to the self-hating Jewish hacks in the Israeli media) are still saying that 'we must engage with these people'.

But these are not people.
They are less than animals.
Theirs is a culture of deceit, hypocrisy and lies.
Their leaders glorify in death - other than their own.
And it would surprise me not one jot if half the hijabs
worn by Islamic wives were to hide the whip marks and blacks eyes inflicted by the cowards they were forced to marry.

So, you wanna engage with these people Miss Pelosi?
Go live with them!
And take your barmy band of blind liberals along with you.

Send us a postcard from the apocalypse!

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