June 14, 2009

Obama's Settler Rights?

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June 09, 2009

That Cairo Speech

Arising from all the commentary and analysis over Obama's speech in Cairo I am ...

1. Deeply hurt - as the son of a Holocaust survivor - at the equivalence he drew between Palestinians living in 'trophy' refugee camps and the 6 million Jews who were horrifically murdered by the Nazis and their European compatriots.

2. Grossly offended by seeing him casting Israeli security forces in the role of white slavers.

3. Surprised at his ignorance of basic facts such as Jewish ties to the land of Israel going back a little further than the UN partition plan (like perhaps a thousand years before the birth of Islam) and suggesting there were 3 times as many Muslims in America than there actually are.

4. Amused at his reference to the Koran as a book of peace. He clearly hasn't read it at all - anymore than he read the trillion-dollar bailout bill.

But mostly, I'm fed up with his endless apologies to Islamist sheikhs, rulers despots and dictators.

Am I the only one who’s still asking why not a single Muslim leader has the guts to make this kind of grand speech to the free world and publicly apologize for - and dissociate from - the appalling slaughter of innocents on September 11th 2001 ???

If anyone out there has ever seen or heard of such a speech having been made - I'd really love to see the YouTube link.

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