March 30, 2010

Karma comes to Moscow

Mr Putin:

All decent people share your nation's grief over this senseless loss of innocent life.
Such things happen when you trade with the devil. The oldest biblical maxim is that you reap what you sow.
STOP supplying Iran with nuclear materiel and the missile shields needed to protect their weapons of mass destruction.

For ONCE, get on the right side in the war against this mindless slaughter !


March 28, 2010

Jerusalem Street This Morning

"Lest I forget thee O'Jerusalem ...
Netanyahu - stand firm!"


March 27, 2010

Birth of the State

These 5 short videos are essential viewing for all students and others wanting to know how the State of Israel was born and how the hands of Britain, America and - surprisingly - Russia played out in that process.


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March 23, 2010

BBC testimony to the Holocaust

With Holocaust denial so much in the news these days, it's worth listening to this 1945 broadcast by the legendary Richard Dimbleby after his visit to the death camp at Bergen-Belsen.

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March 20, 2010

Appease in our time

“Our offer of comprehensive diplomatic contacts and dialogue stands”

Saturday, 20th March 2010

In the same week as Obama spits on America’s only democratic ally in the Middle East, he grovels again to the mullahs in Teheran.

They still hold 3 American tourists hostage.

This narcissistic coward actually makes Neville Chamberlain look like a member of the League of Superheroes.


March 19, 2010

Which other Airforce ...?

I read this morning that the IAF struck 6 terrorist targets in Gaza in retaliation for a Hamas rocket attack which killed a Thai farmworker in Southern Israel.
They keep telling us that the Gaza strip is the most densely populated place in the world, leading the world to believe that millions of poor Palestinians live squashed together like sardines. This is another Pallywood lie ... even Tel Aviv has nearly twice the population per square meter than Gaza.
However, my point is this: however densely populated Gaza may be -which airforce in the world could make 6 strikes in such an area with only two Arabs left wounded? And that is by the Palestinians' report.


March 18, 2010

A Hero finally Sung

The following is an interesting piece of evidence about the unfortunate behavior of the Roosevelt administration toward Jews during WW II.

Secretary of State Colin Powell gave a posthumous award for "constructive dissent" to Hiram (Harry) Bingham IV.

For over fifty years, the U.S. State Department resisted any attempt to honor Bingham. For them he was an insubordinate member of the US diplomatic service and a dangerous maverick who was eventually demoted. Now, after his death, he has been officially recognized as a hero.

Harry Bingham came from an illustrious family. His father (on whom the fictional character Indiana Jones was based) was the archaeologist who unearthed the Inca City of Machu Picchu , Peru in 1911. Harry entered the US diplomatic service and in 1939 was posted to Marseilles, France as American Vice-Consul.The USA was then neutral and, not wishing to annoy Marshal Petain's puppet Vichy regime, President Roosevelt's government ordered its representatives in Marseilles not to grant visas to any Jews. Bingham found this policy immoral and, risking his career, did all in his power to undermine it.In defiance of his bosses in Washington , he granted over 2,500 US visas to Jewish and other refugees, including the artists Marc Chagall and Max Ernst and the family of the writer Thomas Mann. He also sheltered Jews in his Marseilles home and obtained forged identity papers to help Jews in their dangerous journeys across Europe . He worked with the French underground to smuggle Jews out of France into Franco's Spain or across the Mediterranean and even contributed to their expenses out of his own pocket.

In 1941, Washington lost patience with him. He was sent to Argentina , where later he continued to annoy his superiors by reporting on the movements of Nazis there.Eventually, he was forced out of the American diplomatic service completely. Bingham died almost penniless in 1988. Little was known of his extraordinary activities until his son found some letters in his belongings after his death. He has now been honoured by many groups and organizations including the United Nations and the State of Israel .

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March 07, 2010

And you want these guys to have a nuclear weapon???

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