November 28, 2010

An Amazing Story

This amazing story was just emailed to me:

During the Holocaust, a large group of Polish women were rounded up to be sent to the gas chambers. As the group gathered their possessions to take with them into the camp the evil Nazi officers called out to all the villagers who were standing by watching, "Anything that these Jews leave behind you may take for yourselves, because for sure they will not be coming back to collect them!"

Two Polish women who were standing nearby saw a woman towards the back of the group, wearing a large, heavy, expensive coat. Not wanting to wait to see if others got the coat before them, they ran to the woman and knocked her to the ground, grabbing her coat and walked away. As the Jewish women were being led away, these two Polish women lay down the coat to divide the spoils of what was hiding inside. As they rummaged through the pockets, they discovered gold jewellery, silver candlesticks and other heirlooms, but still, as they lifted the coat it seemed heavier than it should be. After further inspection they found a secret pocket, and hidden inside the coat was a little baby girl. Shocked at their discovery, one of the women insisted to the other, saying "I don't have any children, and I'm too old to have now. You take all the gold and silver and let me take the baby". The deal was agreed and the Polish woman took her new 'daughter' home to her delighted husband . They raised the Jewish girl as their own, treating her very well, but never told her anything of her history. The girl excelled in her studies and became a successful paediatrician, working in the top hospital in Poland.

After some years the girl's 'mother' passed away. A week after, she received a knock at the door. An old woman invited herself in and said "I want you to know that the woman that passed away last week was not your real mother..." and she proceeded to tell her the whole story. The girl did not believe her at first but the old woman said to her "When we found you, you were wearing a beautiful gold pendant with strange writing on it which must be Hebrew, I am sure that your mother kept the necklace, go and look" and with that parting advice she left. The girl went into her 'mother's' jewellery box and found the necklace just as the woman described. She had it extended and wore it every day, but thought nothing more of her Jewish roots.

Sometime later, she went on holiday abroad and saw two Lubavitch boys. Seizing the opportunity she told them entire story and showed them the necklace. The boys confirmed that a Jewish name was inscribed on the necklace but did not know what to say about her status. They recommended that she send a letter to the Lubavitch Rebbe explaining everything. She sent off the letter and received a speedy reply saying that it is clear from the facts that she is a Jewish girl and since she had a special talent, she should use her invaluable skills in Israel, a place in desperate need of talented paediatricians.

She took the Rebbe's advice and moved to Israel where she approached a Beis Din who declared her Jewish. She was accepted into a hospital to work, and she met her husband and raised a family.

Some years later...

When there was a terrorist attack at the Sbarro cafe in the centre of Jerusalem in August 2001, this woman was walking nearby with her husband. She told her husband to return home to the kids and she proceeded to rush to the scene where she treated the wounded and helped the injured to hospital. When she arrived at the hospital she met an elderly man who was in a state of shock. He was searching everywhere for his granddaughter who had become separated from him. She calmed him down and went with him to search amongst all the patients in order to find his granddaughter. Asking how she could recognise her, the frantic grandfather gave a rough description of a gold pendant necklace that she was wearing. After searching amongst the injured, they finally found the granddaughter who was wearing the necklace. At the sight of this necklace, the paediatrician froze. She turned to the old man and said "where did you buy this necklace from?" "You can't buy such a necklace" he responded, "I am a goldsmith and I made this necklace. Actually I made two identical ones for each of my daughters. This is my granddaughter from one of them, and my other daughter did not survive the war"

...And this is how the Jewish Polish girl was reunited with her father.

November 25, 2010

Bibi at 28

A 28-year old Benyamin Netanyahu, calling himself Ben Nitay, debates on the 1978 US TV show "The Advocate" against Palestinian self-determination and intriguingly suggests West Bank and Gaza Palestinians could have Israeli citizenship.

He is debated (or rather questioned) by Fouad Ajami, now professor at Johns Hopkins University's SAIS. Note that Bibi says that while he opposes a Palestinian state, he thinks Palestinians could vote and have full rights in either Jordan or Israel - essentially endorsing a one-state solution.

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November 23, 2010

The Case for EU-thanasia

Amid the banking crisis in Ireland, everyone's asking: "can the Euro survive?"

There is a well known Torah maxim: anything that is built on 'sheker' (lies) cannot subsist.

The whole monetary union enterprise was built on false accounting by individual states anxious to join the 'club' and reap all the goodies being handed out by the richer countries.

Well, those richer countries aren't so rich anymore. And they'll be a helluva lot poorer by the time they get to bailing out Spain ... for whatever that's worth.

Truth be told, the EU is as bankrupt morally as its currency is financially.  The European Commission is nothing more than a den of thieves, whose unelected apparatchiks grow rich on falsified expenses and claims for second and third homes.  I know a contractor who worked on the EU parliament buildings.  The greed of these grubbing mandarins is quite staggering.

No wonder its auditors are now in the 16th straight year of refusing to sign off the EU accounts.

All the austerity measures planned by the UK coalition government are but a drop in the bucket compared to the £20 billion a year which Britain could save by dumping the EU. What a breath of fresh air that would be ... and oh! to be finally free of their Human Rights industry and stifling employment legislation.

And as for its leadership .... well few could have put it better than the UK's MEP, Nigel Farage in this priceless haranguing of its newly unelected president ...

Good riddance to the EU and its currency.

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November 21, 2010

Dumb and Dumber

The lunacy of Obama's foreign and defence policy seems to know no bounds.

Up to now he's been bowing to dictators, "engaging" Iran's nuclear mullahs whilst ignoring their torture and repression of opposition groups, rehabilitating Syria, abandoning Lebanon to Hezbullah and has given the Taliban plenty of advance notice of US military withdrawal from Afghanistan.

To cap this, he's now invited Russia to participate in the European missile defence shield project for which early warning radars stationed in Turkey are to be put under the command of the Turkish  government.
There's no other word for this but lunacy.

The United States is prepared to put Iran's ally - Turkey - in charge of the early warning system designed to protect Europe from attack by Iran.

In contrast the US refuses its closest ally - Israel - any control of the X-Band radar deployed by Bush II in the Negev desert.


November 05, 2010

Universal Injustice

UK foreign secretary William Hague says it will take a year to change the law preventing Palestinian groups from exploiting ‘Universal Justice’ to deny Israelis normal access to the UK without risk of prosecution for war crimes.

This has upset Israel which has threatened to withdraw its security co-operation with the UK intelligence agencies if this reform is delayed any longer. Quite right – why should Israel compromise her own intelligence sources to assist a country which allows such juris-prejudice to prevail almost exclusively against Israeli tourists and businessmen?

However Israel has to understand that all legislation takes more time now in England. All legislation begins in the House of Commons. Then it has to be passed by the upper House of Lords. But before it's signed off by the Queen, they have to run it by the Sharia High Council.

So, Israel needs to be patient and understanding of Britain's multi-cultural necessities.

The UK is a shining light in this regard. No other country has so totally abandoned its national identity, statehood, and border security to promote harmony with Islam. It does so in recognition of Islamic loyalty to the Crown, support of British troops in Iraq and their enormous contribution to airline security.

After all, without Islam just about anyone could get on a plane without having to strip for X-rays and surrender their drinks.

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November 04, 2010

A Priceless Video ....

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