December 20, 2011

New Plans to Divide Jerusalem

I reproduce below a letter from One Jerusalem which needs to be widely disseminated.
Dear Friend of Jerusalem,

New plans to divide Jerusalem surfaced last week.

Recently, sophisticated designs on how Jerusalem should be divided were published in the prestigious Atlantic magazine. These plans are an attempt to kick-start the misguided plan to make Jerusalem the capital of a Palestinian State. You can be sure this plan will be adopted by the Palestinians to supposedly show that Jerusalem can be divided.

Of course, this plan assumes that Jerusalem should be divided, by denying the fact that Jerusalem is the capital of only one people: The Jewish people.

This plan does not point out that the Temple Mount, the holiest spot in Judaism, would be in Palestinian East Jerusalem.

It also ignores the history of discrimination against Jews and Christians, when the Old City was under control of the Arabs from 1948-1967.

Jerusalem must never again be divided.

Today, Jerusalem is a free and open city for the first time in modern history because the State of Israel insures that all people have a right to visit, pray, and live in Jerusalem. It allows the different religions sovereignty over their holy places.

This unprecedented situation would be shattered if the city is divided.

But make no mistake. Considerable sums of money were spent drafting these "new" plans and you can be sure they will be referred to in negotiating rooms and the anti-Israel media.

This is one important reason why One Jerusalem needs your continued support. Our mission in defense of a united Jerusalem includes exposing the sophisticated propaganda from Israel's determined enemies.

They would love it if we did not exist to tell the world that Israel must remain united under the State of Israel.

If you can, please make a year-end donation to One Jerusalem so we can continue our campaign of defending Jerusalem.

Allen Roth & David Goder

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December 19, 2011

The Audacity of Hope & Change

In the 70's President Richard Nixon had to keep his feet up because he suffered from phlebitis.

These days the White House occupant seems to suffer from an altogether different condition.

Arrogance .....


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