July 18, 2018

Corbyn's Jewish Problem

In any normal circumstances a party with the name Labour and an ethos of socialism and equality would be expected to be at the forefront of support for red lines on racism such as the IHRA’s universally adopted definition of anti-Semitism.
But under the tyranny of Jeremy Corbyn and his Hard Left lictors, the British Labour Party has had to be dragged kicking and screaming into this consensus, finally writing its own rules much like a serial rapist might want to redefine the meaning of ‘consensual’.
Like his friend and former London Mayor Ken Livingstone, Corbyn has a problem with Jews especially where it concerns their nation state of Israel. But they are both politically savvy and neither of them was ever stupid enough to throw away votes on personal prejudices.
So my question is: will Labour’s 5% lead over Theresa May’s sinking Tory party be dented by this controversy?
I fear that it will not, and that Corbyn sees anti-Jewish and anti-Israel sentiment as a real vote earner in Britain. After all – just look at the mobs which so quickly form for demonstrations over Gaza and Trump. They are generally the same types of people: sponging adolescents who will rebel against anything, the anti-capitalists, the globalists who abhor the concept of a nation state and the legions of the pig-ignorant who believe anything that’s pumped out on social media whether by Pallywood or the Never-Trumpers.
And let’s not forget those lofty ‘chattering classes’. These are the academic and cultural elites who have always been the bedrock of anti-Jewish sentiment in this country; always at the forefront of boycott and divestment of the Jewish state, signing full page petitions in The Times and hobnobbing with the likes of that French ambassador that called Israel a ‘shitty little country’.
Yes, if there’s votes in them hills, nobody will know it better than Jeremy Corbyn.

July 16, 2018

With Jews like this - who needs Ayatollahs?

There seems to be no limit to the number of Jewish adolescents with nothing else to do in their gap years but to discredit and defame their only Jewish state and the soldiers that defend it night and day.
The majority of these kids haven't a clue about Jewish history or the 'Case for Israel', nor do they have any living memory of the atrocities of Arafat and his PLO, the PFLP or the slaughter of Jews in Chevron 40 years before the first settlement ever appeared in the so-called ‘West Bank’.
As long as they're on Daddy's payroll or some student grant they're happy to become useful idiots for whatever cause makes them important on social media. And the funds and facilities are in plentiful supply thanks to the likes of Soros, the New Israel Fund and even some Brotherhood funds who pump money through proxies.
Even as the Hamas dogs they said Kaddish for are now incinerating southern Israel, these ignorant young Judases eagerly help with new ways to undermine the Jewish state. Infiltrating Birthright is the latest and particularly lowlife tactic. Kids coming to their ancestral homeland for a life-changing experience of what it means to be Jewish get their big day ruined by these idiots.
The Netanyahu government has already made great progress in barring and expelling such provocateurs. Their names should be kept on a list for barred entry until at least they get to the age of 30 and have learned something about the facts of life in this region.

July 15, 2018


In 1948 our people danced 
in the streets of Tel Aviv
to celebrate their nation statehood.

70 miraculous years later these 
crazy leftists march to deny it.


July 05, 2018

Hillary's Rap Sheet

This is what the fiction of Trump-Russia was supposed to smokescreen. 

The utterly damning case against Hillary Clinton and the weaponization of Obama's heads of Justice and FBI to undermine a democratic presidential election. 

And to think that Nixon was forced to resign over Watergate. 

This rap sheet must surely amount to the most egregious abuse of power in a democracy since the final days of the Roman Empire.

If all this sabotage had not been going on and the mainstream media had been fair and balanced, Trump would surely have had the greatest landslide victory of all.

July 03, 2018

A Heartwarming Torah Story

With the Knesset soon to vote on a new Basic Law (much like a constitutional amendment) declaring Israel as a Jewish State, it’s nice to see that this is not just a legal definition but a reality.

I'd like to share with you this story which was told in shul the other week by Rabbi Yehoshua Hartman in London.

He told of his nephew in Israel who became part of a group of young men who decided that they would each put aside 200 shekels a month for as long as it took to pay for a Sefer Torah to be written. They maintained this commitment for 17 years, many months with great sacrifice as young people with heavy mortgages and some bad patches at work and in business.

At the end of the 17 years, after paying the scribe they had to decide on a ‘home’ for their new Torah.

They decided to advertise for suitable shuls and communities that didn’t already have a Sefer Torah of their own. There were many replies. But the one that impressed them most was from a secular kibbutz right on the edge of the Gaza Strip. It’s called Kibbutz Kerem Shalom – famous for the nearby crossing point for transporting goods to Gaza and also the regular target of mortar attacks from Hamas.

A date was fixed for the dedication ceremony and the first shabbat reading. Two days prior, there was an outbreak of missile attacks from Gaza, and they thought about postponing it to another quieter week. In the end they decided to go ahead as planned and read from it on their first shabbat service.

Here is a video of the celebrations, and an announcement from the head of this secular kibbutz that, from now on, there will be a minyan every shabbat in Kerem Shalom.

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