May 23, 2021

Whither Abbas?

So where has the war of the last 11 days left PLO "president" Mahmoud Abbas? Now in the 17th year of his 4-year term, he's done very well out of the conflict; reportedly worth in excess of $100 million. One wonders how much of that came from UK aid alone?

During the last few days, he did nothing but incite and encourage the violence on the Temple Mount and East Jerusalem, and saluted the missile attacks on Israel as 'heroic'.
We could say that - after stirring up violence in normally harmonious mixed towns like Lod, Bat Yam and Akko - any ideas of a Palestinian State in the Land of Israel have totally evaporated, even in the pipedreams of the most hopeless of Israeli leftists.
But the truth is, Abbas never wanted a Palestinian state - any more than Hamas wanted it. The only state they ever wanted is No Jewish State. It's that simple.
Here's that shmuck (ex-PM and ex-con) Ehud Olmert holding an umbrella for Abbas in 2007. Remember it was Olmert who then wanted to give the Golan Heights back to Assad for a worthless piece of paper, which Syria's new Iranian patrons would have spat on as they planted missiles right above defenceless Jewish farms in the Galilee.
It is well known that Israel's Shin Bet security service has saved Abbas from numerous plots by Hamas and other jihadist factions who wanted him taken out. After his egregious and irresponsible conduct in these last few days, we hope that the Shin Bet will next time turn a blind eye and let him go to where he belongs.


May 22, 2021

Death to the Jews? Plus ça change

There is a saying in France: "Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose".

Meaning: the more things change, the more they stay the same.

125 years ago this journalist, Theodor Herzl, watched demonstrators on the streets of Paris chanting "Death to the Jews" over a libel of treason against French Army Captain Alfred Dreyfus. The Jewish captain was ultimately exonerated and the real traitor exposed.
That event persuaded Herzl that Europe was not a safe place for Jews and that they must have their own homeland.
His Zionist vision is why the State of Israel exists today.
The rabid demonstrations on the streets of London, New York, Los Angeles and European cities - and the accompanying threats to Jews and their communities - only serve to reinforce the case for the Jewish state and its robust defence of national security.

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May 18, 2021

The Truth about Hamas

No IDF bombing or drone attack in Gaza is carried out without the strictest approval protocols to avoid civilian casualties and collateral damage to critical infrastructure that is needed for medical or basic sustenance of Gaza citizens.

For a long time now, lawyers have been embedded with IDF forces to review tactics from the standpoint of the Geneva Convention and human rights legislation and standards.

All this is diametrically opposite to the inhuman behaviour of Hamas that demonstrators in London and New York seem to cheer on. How sick are these people that their own Jew-hatred blinds them to depravity.



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May 16, 2021

Divine Calculus

We had so many questions when Trump was not re-elected as the most supportive president Israel ever had in the White House. Within 100 days, the Iran talks were put back on track and Palestinian funding was restored.  What kind of Divine plan could this possibly fit??

I think we found out last week, with another big question. Why didn’t Hezbollah open a northern front with its over 100,000 missiles, especially last Wednesday when domestic rioting seemed to stretch Israel’s resources to the limit?

The answer: Biden’s election.

As last week’s missile war was getting started, the fourth session of Iran talks began in Vienna. With their economy beyond bankrupt, the ayatollahs are desperate to get Trump’s crippling sanctions lifted. Any aggression by its Hezbollah proxies over the Lebanon border would have almost certainly torpedoed the talks. Had Trump been re-elected, the mullahs would by now have had nothing to lose.

This foresight and forward planning has happened so often in our history, just as G-d told Moses, in Exodus, 33:23, “You will see Me pass before you but you will not see My face, only the back of Me.”. In other words, you may not see Me at the time, but you will know that I was there. 

Days before the Hamas blitzkrieg began, Israeli politicians were actually on the verge of forming a government coalition that would have depended on the support of Arab lawmakers opposed to the State and who’ve openly sided with terrorist groups that seek our destruction. That plan evaporated with the first 500 missiles.

Time and again it seems that the Almighty has saved Israel from the folly of its leaders. In 2008 Prime Minister Olmert was ready to give up the Golan Heights for a peace agreement with Syria. By the grace of G-d that didn’t happen. Less than 5 years later, Syria became an Iranian military base. Just imagine Iran’s Quds Force in control of the Golan – and the Jews holding a worthless piece of Chamberlain paper signed by a neutered Assad?

The game of existential chess is played out on this earth, but the Grandmaster sits in heaven. 

May He continue to protect His people and our soldiers from all trouble and sorrow, and deliver us full victory over our mortal enemies.

Chag Shavuot Sameyach. 

Am Yisrael Chai ! 

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May 15, 2021

It's that simple....


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May 13, 2021

Don't Lecture Israel on Defence


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May 11, 2021

The Truth about Gaza

We vacated Gaza sixteen years ago, even taking
 our dead out of their graves. 

We left beautiful farms and high tech greenhouses. 

Leftist dreamers hoped it would turn the Arabs into productive and responsible neighbours - even create the building blocks of a future state.

But the people of Gaza were betrayed from Day 1 by their leaders and abused by the rabid ayatollahs in Tehran.

The greenhouses were demolished and the farms razed to form rocket launching sites for the continuing Islamist plan to liquidate the Jewish state.

The PLO leadership never wanted a Palestinian state.

They only ever wanted no Jewish state.


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