January 31, 2010

"I Am Israel" - - great video


Palestinian Reconstruction

Of all the billions in US and EU aid shipped to the Palestinian Authority, whatever wasn't immediately siphoned off into the private bank accounts of its corrupt leaders, went into arms purchase to keep the cycle of violence going.
Perhaps donor states have now woken up to this reality and begun to apply strict rules to account for what money is actually spent on.
Somewhere in the US or EU accounting office there is a purchase order for this tipper truck. Ideally suited for those great opportunties to launch Kassam rockets from civilian areas.
The sign on the cab door says: 'If this vehicle is involved in an accident, please contact the Palestinian Authority'
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January 26, 2010

Obama's State of the Union Address - Extract

"My party’s embarrassing defeat at the senate election in Massachusetts was a shock.

Especially coming as it did on my first anniversary as your president.

I know I am not popular right now. But please bear in mind that the leadership of the free world is something very new to me.

All of us had to learn to crawl before we could walk.
Which is why – during my first year as your president – I have not missed an opportunity to practice my crawling.

To the Iranians, to the Syrians and the Muslim world in general.

To Chavez in Venezuela and to Kim in North Korea.

And, in the case of the Saudis and Japanese, I’ve even managed to get onto my feet and learned to bow.

But my fellow Americans … do not mistake any of this for weakness. Where America is threatened, I am prepared to be tough and bring to bear the full power of the presidency to bear down in our defense.

The greatest threat to our country is not Bin Laden.
It's the banks !

I will be as relentless in pursuing and harrassing those in control of Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, Chase Bank and CitiBank as I have been to those in control of the West Bank.

God bless America. "

[God .. please save America from this man !]


January 25, 2010

Chocolate Waterfalls of the Negev

Israelis appreciate the simpler things in life.
Like rain.
Lots of it.
And this once in a lifetime event ....

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January 24, 2010

The unexpected anti-Semite

“An excellent idea enters my mind.
To attract outright anti-Semites,
and make them destroyers of Jewish wealth.”

Who wrote these words?

Adolf Hitler ?

Josef Goebbels ?

Theodore Herzl ?

Watch this movie and find out.
The Lord truly works in strange ways.
Watch the other 8 segments for fascinating video footage.


January 23, 2010

British Dummies or Dhimmies .. or both

January 15th:
“The UK has the greatest concentration of active al-Qaeda supporters of any Western country,” a senior US official told the Daily Telegraph.
“As a result, no Western country has been more threatened than the UK, but the UK-based al-Qaeda network poses not only a potent threat to Britain but to the rest of the world.”

January 23rd:
Statement by British Home Affairs Secretary, Alan Johnson: "The Joint Terrorism Analysis Centre (JTAC) has... raised the threat to the UK from international terrorism from substantial to severe. This means that a terrorist attack is highly likely, but I should stress that there is no intelligence to suggest that an attack is imminent.

[Read here how Muslim police say Islam not to blame for terror attacks]

Running out of time

From ArutzSheva - click image for more cartoons on their site

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January 21, 2010

BBC - EU - UN You may find this video distressing !

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January 18, 2010

The BBC just can't bring themselves to say it ...

Last night the BBC reported on the rescue of one of the last survivors of the Haitian earthquake - a tax inspector is brought out after 8 hours of digging through the rubble of his collapsed office building.

The reporter George Alagiah interviews the exhausted rescuers. They talk like Israelis, they look like Israelis and they have hebrew insignia and ID on their jackets.

But the BBC reporter just can't bring himself to say that elusive word: Israeli.

Unless of course it's about a Gaza child with appendicitis - well, then it would be fair to link it to Israel.

Click the logo below to watch the clip:

At the end of the clip, there is an interview with a man captioned as an Israeli rescue co-ordinator. But it's just not the same thing is it?

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January 17, 2010

Israeli Flying Aid

The more you look .... the more you find....


Israel's Disproportionate Response to Haiti

For all the international aid that's flowing in, it emerges that the only field hospital in all of Haiti with a functioning operating room is the one set up by Israel's response team.

See this footage of the new baby delivered there, whose mother named his Israel.

Israel - a tiny nation of 7 million people has sent this team of 220 medics and rescue responders which has bene treating 5,000 casuaties a day.

As this blogger correctly observes: it's just like the UN always claims.
A TOTALLY disproportionate response from the Jewish state.

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January 16, 2010

Our boys arrive in Haiti

Once again Israeli rescue teams are among the first to respond to the scenes of a natural disaster. Israel punches hundreds if not thousands of times above its weight amongst world nations in many fields, from hi-tech to agriculture. But this is where Israel shines - in the selfless contribution of a tiny country to the saving of human life.

Ten years ago the Israeli rapid response team rushed to assist with the Turkish earthquake. Among their many successes they rescued a nine year old boy who had been buried under 7 floors of rubble for 98 hours. Let's hope they can repeat this many times in Haiti during the critical hours ahead.

All they ask is to be allowed in.
This does not always happen.

Why is it that those countries which are the first to condemn and demonize the Jewish State are usually the last to send aid in these cases ... if they send it at all?

For further information see: Mashav and IsraAid

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January 06, 2010

Meet Israel's portable UAV

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January 05, 2010

Only on Israel TV

Watch this lively exchange between TV host Dan Margalit and an Arab MK who accuses Ehud Barak of killing 1,400 Gaza children whilst listening to classical music.

As he is escorted out of the studio, the Arab shouts that the studio is located on the Arab town of Sheikh Munis. Quite true this, but never accepted by the leftist elite living in what is now Ramat Aviv and the self-hating-Jew professors on its TA University campus who ascribe illegality solely to the settlers of Judea and Samaria.

Margalit is the veteran journalist who outed Leah Rabin’s illegal dollar account in the seventies. He recently defected from Ha’aretz to the right wing free daily, Yisrael Hayom owned by US billionaire Shedon Adelson.


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