July 31, 2011

An Inconvenient Truth vs. A Better Place

As America struggles with its debt mountain, Iran is giving away billions!  The mullahs in Teheran are reportedly giving 5.8 billion dollars to Bashar Assad to keep his hold on power in Syria.  

This is in addition to the brutal thugs of the Basij and Revolutionary Guard units Iran has sent to do away with Assad's opponents on the streets and in high places.

Iran has spent hundreds of millions taking power in Lebanon and re-arming Hizbullah after the last war with Israel.  And even more millions exploiting the removal of Mubarak by now unhindered missile shipments to Hamas in Gaza, whose arsenal now equals what Hizbullah had in Lebanon on the eve of the Second Lebanon War.

Not that Ahmadinejad cares a damn about Assad or the people of Lebanon or Gaza.

It's only that they all border the Land of Israel that interests him. 
He will sacrifice all of Iran's wealth and risk the lives of all its citizens for just a chance at wiping out the tiny Jewish state.

And this genocidal plan continues to be funded by the American car industry.  An industry which incessantly 'talks' about electric cars but has never been forced by means of tax and legislation to re-tool outside of its comfort zone.

Instead of letting General Motors go bust in 2008, and seeing market forces evolve into a post-oil motor industry, Obama bankrolled the easy way for his union supporters and business as usual. 

He's more interested in Global Warming projects and supporting Al Gore and his fellow 'warmers' in academia who've been sucking at the grant-engorged teat of this sacred cow ever since it became the Liberal Zeitgeist.   

Last week saw the latest and arguably most authoritative debunking of global warming, this time from NASA scientists.

How many billions of America's $14 trillion debt mountain could be wiped out by simply cancelling all the funding connected with this fraud, the carbon footprint industry and emission permit trades.

Imagine reinvesting those unspent grants into a motoring alternative that will finally turn off the funding spigots of terrorism.

Only ONE country has taken this challenge seriously.

And it happens to be the same country that all those petrodollars have been invested to destroy.

So CLICK, WATCH, LISTEN and see the future....

And, just like the mobile phone, Pentium chip and the USB key ... it's made in Israel.

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July 28, 2011

Salaam Aleykum - London Welcomes You

Yesterday, at exactly 1 year prior to the opening of the 2012 Olympics, the president of the International Olympic Committee issued the traditional invitation to the athletes of the world to come to London and compete in the games. 

Those athletes, and the millions of spectators joining them, may find this place very different to what they expected.

This is the latest sign that's going up on lampposts in multiculty neighborhoods across London.

Radio talk shows hosts are downplaying this as the work of a few nutjobs, saying this is not serious.

But three years ago the head of the Church of England told the BBC that some form of Sharia law was inevitable in the UK. 

So it will be interesting  to see how London looks in a year's time when the athletes arrive.

Like this ?  

Or this ???

July 27, 2011

Utoya - a not so innocent youth camp?

The Guardian was quick to pounce on a remark by Glenn Beck in which he wondered what the meaning of a "political youth camp" actually was in Utoya, Norway and might it be something like the Hitler-Youth.

The Guardian promptly skewed this into a headline saying:
Glenn Beck likens Norwegian dead to Hitler youth

So what was REALLY going on on Utoya Island?

It is dated last Thursday, 21st July ... the day before the massacre at Utoya.

The picture is of Norwegian Foreign Minister Gahre-Store on a visit to the AUF (Workers' Youth League) 'campers' at Utoya.  After being escorted around the camp by AUF leader Eskil Pedersen, the campers demand a boycott of Israel and that Norway recognize the Palestinian state.  

To which the minister reportedly replied, to cheers from the 'campers': The Palestinians must have their own state, the occupation must end, the wall must be demolished and it must happen now.

Whilst this doesn't change the fact that this was a monstrous slaughter of innocent kids, one has to ask who is this Pederson guy and to what lengths has his Workers Youth League gone to incite impressionable kids with such hatred of Israel fuelled by lies and propaganda about deprivation in Gaza? 

Here's a picture of Norwegian students in a mock Palestinian aid boat bearing the sign Opphev Blokkaden Gaza - Unlock the Gaza Blockade. 

Footnote:  Earlier this month Gaza opened its newest and grandest shopping mall. See the Gulf News report and picture gallery HERE

Videos debunking the Gaza deprivation libels can be viewed HERE.

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July 17, 2011

The REAL News of the World

Guardian Newspaper Photo

The scale of the News of the World hacking scandal, like major earthquakes, is measured both by the initial shockwave and the severity of aftershocks.  In this case those aftershocks are a staccato of resignations and arrests which seem far from over.

In one of the Superman movies, the devilish Lex Luther contrives a plan to set off nuclear explosives in the San Andreas fault and trigger an earthquake which would sink half of California in the Pacific and leave the remaining part all owned by Luther.

So who are the Lex Luthers in this story?
Who are the puppeteers?

Let’s go back to the big issues which are being eclipsed by all this brouhaha over Murdoch, Brooks, Coulson, the police and the prime minister.

In today’s Britain crime & punishment are upside down ... killers have more rights than victims.
Our borders are a complete joke.
We cannot deport airplane hijackers - but instead are forced to keep them here on housing benefit.
The Church of England says nothing as innocent Christians are wantonly tortured and slaughtered by Muslims.
We know that the EU and its currency are a complete failure and yet our leaders seem unable or unwilling to get us out.
Our navy and air forces are a complete joke.
So is NATO - with all its power, unable after 3 months to defeat a Bedouin nutjob in a tent.

So who did this?
Who took away our national pride, our economic independence, the imperative of maintaining a strong military?
Who created human rights for killers?
Who took down our borders and forced us to take in Romanian peasants for free housing, healthcare and child education?
Who prevents us from deporting terrorists, criminals and child predators?
Who created all this 'elf & safety, minimum wage and employment law which stifles small businesses and sends call centre jobs to Pakistan?

I can hear you yawning:  “Oy! Another Eurosceptic rant.”
But that's not what it's really about.
The European Common Market (EEC) was a great idea.
But then the globalists took over and created their superstate.
Slowly but surely the mandarins in Brussels neutered us and our neighbour states politically, militarily and legislatively until we looked little different from their own non-country: Belgium.
They introduced a single currency with very strict entry rules.
Then they wilfully disregarded all the fraudulent entries, on the grounds of safety in numbers: with so many in the Euro, it must be a winner.
That fraud has now come home to roost in the Euro crisis.

The self-appointed EU commissars know perfectly well the game is up and that the Euro needs to be dumped to save us all.
But they will never accept their abject failure. 
They will rather see us all go to pot before they give up their power and perks.
And BOY have they had a gravy train.
The system is so utterly corrupt that this is the 16th straight year that the auditors have refused to sign the annual accounts of the EU.
How many businesses do you think could survive even one year without proper accounts?

And what do we do about this?
Well, we continue to pay massive EU taxes to keep this powertrip running.
And now, in the midst of the Euro crisis, they're asking for an increase of 10% in those taxes.
Why do we put up with all this?
Where is the public outrage? 
Instead, silence.
That silence is the REAL corruption in media - not Murdoch's phone hackers.

The same goes for America.
The election of a pure media creation as president.
A man no news organisation ever probed, but instead wrapped in cotton wool.
All they knew about him was in his book ‘Dreams of my Father’ which it now seems he never wrote but was written for him by a former terrorist.
A president who has failed to fulfil a single election promise.
A man who has massively weakened the US abroad and at home, where it is within days of default.
And still the media do not question ....

So, back to Rupert Murdoch.

Yes, Murdoch's people broke the law and upset many people.
But do you really think it was a coincidence that the Millie Dowler phone hacking story was outed just at the most critical tipping point of Rupert Murdoch’s biggest ever takeover?

There are vastly more important forces at work here.
Forces that are intent on destroying the one power that threatens the European globalists and the re-election of Mr Obama.

This is the power of the people.
People who want their country back.
Who want their national pride and self-respect back.
Who want a say in what their taxes are spent on.
Who want secure borders and a strong military.
Who want criminals locked up in jail instead of soft community programs.

And the biggest champion of these people is Rupert Murdoch's Fox News Channel.
The biggest success story in the history of TV news.
It's ratings are more than double CNN and the other NBC and ABC networks.
It does what the NY Times and most other news outlets forgot long ago ...
... to probe and question liberals.

The two most powerful globalists on the planet have openly declared war on Fox.
Barack Obama and George Soros.

One has all the power, the other has all the money.

That’s the REAL news of the world story.

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