April 30, 2012

Israel - Living Prophecy

A great video if you haven't already seen it ....


Luck of the Irish anti-Semite


Mel Gibson is now legally single after his divorce was finalized in a Los Angeles courtroom.

But bachelorhood came at a heavy price.

Robyn, his ex-wife of nearly 30 years and the mother of their seven children,is walking away with half his fortune, once estimated to be as high as $850 million.

In an irony not lost on anyone, his wife was represented by the law firm of ...

Cohen, Levy, Israel and Goldberg.
This will, no doubt, increase his love and affection for Jews.

April 29, 2012

For Valour

There is perhaps only one thing sadder than the death of a 22-year-old soldier and father of twins killed in the defence of our freedom, security and democratic values.

What is heartbreaking is that they are sent into harm's way by utterly unworthy politicians, mired in sleaze and self-interest.

British leaders like Cameron, Clegg and Miliband are not even worth mentioning in the same sentence as guardsman Michael Roland. Once wonders whether our troops are still at a loss for the basic essentials that were found woefully missing last year due to 'budget cuts'.  Multi-million pound public enquiries and EU bailout funds are obviously more important than body armour and evac helicopters for British troops.

Things are no different over the pond.
There you see Obama shamelessly electioneering at army bases, which he can claim on the taxpayer's tab instead of having to fund from his $750million election warchest.

It's sickening to think that such leaders get to pin medals of valour on surviving heroes.


April 27, 2012

Who is Humiliating Whom?

This came to me by email - a very worthy reply by Mr Elie Hertz
Check out his website  http://www.mythsandfacts.org/

Bob Simon - Nothing New Under the Sun

In January 25, 2009 he had this to say:

"Palestinians ... when they want to travel from one town to another, they have to submit to humiliating delays at checkpoints and roadblocks. There are more than 600 of them on the West Bank."

In April 22, 2012 he had this to say:

"For all Palestinians, just leaving Bethlehem is a struggle. Getting to Jerusalem, only seven miles away, whether it's to pray, go to a doctor, visit family members, or work, means going through this Israeli checkpoint. That can take hours but before Palestinians can get even this far, they need a permit from the Israelis which can take weeks or months to obtain and is frequently denied."

So Who is Humiliating Whom?

April 24, 2012
Eli E. Hertz

Revised, originally published 2004 & 2009

Bob, you say Palestinian Arabs feel humiliated and harassed when Israeli authorities search them and their belongings; when they are prevented from traveling freely because of checkpoints, roadblocks, closures and curfews. You say they feel "corralled."

Bob, in Israel, every Israeli is searched numerous times during the course of a single day. Israelis are asked to open their bags and purses for inspection. In most cases, they are subjected to body searches with a metal detector every time they enter a bank or a post office, pick up a bottle of milk at the supermarket, enter a mall or train station, or visit a hospital or medical clinic. Young Israeli men and women are physically frisked in search of suicide belts before they enter crowded nightclubs.

As a matter of routine, Israelis' car trunks are searched every time they enter a well-trafficked parking lot. Daily, their cars pass through roadblocks that cause massive traffic jams when security forces are in hot pursuit of suicide bombers believed to have entered Israel.

Israelis are searched not only when they go out for a cup of coffee or a slice of pizza, but also when they go to the movies or a concert, where the term "dressed to kill" has an entirely different meaning.

These ordinary daily humiliations now extend to similar searches when Israelis go to weddings or Bar Mitzvahs. No one abroad talks about the humiliation Jews in Israel are subjected to, having to write at the bottom of wedding invitations and other life cycle events, "The site will be secured [by armed guards]" - to ensure relatives and friends will attend and share their joyous occasion.

Bob, these ubiquitous security checks do not exist in Arab cities and towns in Israel (or, for that matter, in Judea and Samaria) because those places are not and never have been targets of Palestinian terrorism. In fact, the average Israeli is "humiliated and harassed" by being searched far more times a day than the average Palestinian. Not one human rights group, nor you, has so much as noted this massive intrusion into the rights of privacy and person imposed on Israelis.

To date, no one protests the fact that, since the 1970s, Jewish schoolchildren in Israel are surrounded by perimeter fences, with armed guards at the schoolyard gates.

Not one Arab village in Israel or the Territories has a perimeter fence around it. Guards are not required at Arab shops, cafes, restaurants, movie theaters, wedding halls or schools - either in Israel or in the Territories. Palestinians also do not need armed guards to accompany every school trip, youth movement hike or campout. They are not targets of terrorism.

Countless Israelis in sensitive areas within the Green Line - not only in the Territories, but also in Jewish towns, villages and bedroom suburbs - are "ghettoized" behind high fences.

Many Israeli motorists avoid major arteries that pass through Arab areas of Israel, while Arab citizens and Palestinians from the Territories continue to enter Jewish cities and go about their business without peril. Israelis are told, in effect, to disguise themselves when traveling abroad - not to speak Hebrew in public and not to wear garments that reveal their Jewish-Israeli origins. Even Israel 's national airline - El Al - has been forced to remove its logo from the tails of its aircraft at certain airports, out of concern for the safety of its passengers. On the other hand, Arabs who frequent Jewish cities and towns in Israel wear their traditional Arab headgear without fear of being attacked or harassed.

Bob, all of this begs the question: Who is Humiliating Whom?

For more on the subject see http://www.mythsandfacts.org/

April 24, 2012

Iran vs Israel - No Fear

April 22, 2012

Wither sovereignty?

What is is the meaning of sovereignty when a government cannot remove a racist, pompously unrepentant, terror-inciting, welfare-sucking Al-Qaeda maggot from its country.

Let no-one be in any doubt.
Either by mistake or supreme lunacy, Britain signed its sovereignty over to the EU.

Perhaps the government lawyers didn't read the EU treaty any more carefully than they read Abu Qatada's time limit for appeal.

Either way, you would think that - having lost sovereignty to the EU - the best hope would be for the EU to fold and have to cede back its powers.

Instead, stupid Britain is shoring-up the crumbling EU with billions in bailout funds.

Maybe Britain deserves people like Qatada.


April 21, 2012

IDF - True Grit in a Kippa

"The ultimate worth of a commander is measured by how his soldiers conduct themselves in his absence"

Lt.Col Shahar Spada
Deputy Commander of Judea Brigade in Hevron

A "Must Read" is Yaakov Lappin's story of this remarkable officer in the Jerusalem Post HERE.


April 19, 2012

Humanitarian Corridor

At over 11,000 the Syrian death-toll is as monumental as the UN and West's vaccilation.

Emergency action and censure resolutions are reserved strictly for Israel.

France has today called for a "Humanitarian Corridor" to be set up.

The truth is, there is only ONE humanitarian corridor in all the Middle East - and it's called Israel.

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April 18, 2012

Laughing all the way to the asylum

Poor British Home Secretary Theresa May ... 

She just can't seem to get around the EU human rights judges in expelling  Al Qaeda lieutenant Abu Qatada (far right picture) to face trial in Jordan for terrorist offences.

Like the hook-handed Finsbury Park hate preacher Abu Hamza, both have taken liberties with our freedoms and seen their families well settled in large homes rented at public expense and receiving their full entitlement of other state benefits.

These are the fruits of progressive liberalism which has robbed a once-proud and patriotic European continent of nations of their sovereignty  and self-determination and melted them into a union that is every bit as bankrupt as its currency.  It has reduced Churchill's once 'Battling Britain' to a shadow of its days of empire ... unable to stop evil people from coming in, and - once inside - unable to kick them out.

The Islamists must be howling with laughter at the way this entire continent has paralysed itself with its own freedoms.

In the beginning it was all about asylum seekers.
Now we truly ARE the asylum.

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The Danish are no pastries

Years ago we associated the word 'Danish' with bacon and pastries.
These days Danes are better known for their militant anarchist youth.

Don't be fooled by their fair and fesh-faced kids - many of whom would hardly be recognised by decent parents and grandparents who would more likely disown them.

See this video of them 'training' for overseas missions in their own capital.
See how they play to the cameras - worthy of their friends in Pallywood.
And see also how their own Danish police "deal" with them.
They make Israeli soldiers look like kindergarten staff.

This is what happens with free university education when kids like this attend  hard-leftist lectures all day and smoke weed at night.

The only cure for these spoiled Danish brats is conscription, into an army which will teach them respect for authority instead of spitting at it.


April 17, 2012

Child of Chevron

Snapped last week - a settler child picks flowers in the hills of Chevron.

Chevron (Hebron) is the site of the oldest Jewish community in the world, which dates back to Biblical times. The Book of Genesis relates that Abraham purchased the field where the Tomb of the Patriarchs is located as a burial place for his wife Sarah. According to Jewish tradition, the Patriarchs Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and the Matriarchs Sarah, Rebekah, and Leah are buried in the Tomb.

Hebron has a long and rich Jewish history. It was one of the first places where the Patriarch Abraham resided after his arrival in Canaan. King David was anointed in Hebron, where he reigned for seven years. One thousand years later, during the first Jewish revolt against the Romans, the city was the scene of extensive fighting. Jews lived in Hebron almost continuously throughout the Byzantine, Arab, Mameluke, and Ottoman periods. It was only in 1929 — as a result of a murderous Arab pogrom in which 67 Jews were murdered and the remainder were forced to flee — that the city became temporarily "free" of Jews. After the 1967 Six-Day War, the Jewish community of Hebron was re-established. It has grown to include a range of religious and educational institutions.

Hebron contains many sites of Jewish religious and historical significance, in addition to the Tomb of the Patriarchs. These include the Tombs of Othniel Ben Kenaz (the first Judge of Israel) and Avner Ben Ner (general and confidante to Kings Saul and David), and Ruth and Jesse (great-grandmother and father, respectively, of King David). Victims of the 1929 pogrom, as well as prominent rabbinical sages and community figures, are buried in Hebron's ancient Jewish cemetery.

[Source: Jewish Virtual Library]

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April 16, 2012

Don't Blame Eisner ....

Finally an interfering Danish peace activist gets it in the teeth. Not pleasant for him I am sure. And oh so embarrassing for the Prime Minister and his Defense Minister Ehud Barak.

But it was bound to happen eventually.
There is only so much daily provocation, incessant abuse and spitting that any human being can put up with before he cracks. Soldiers are human beings too - even Israeli soldiers.

This kind of abuse goes on every day in all parts of Israel thanks to the luvvies of Machsom (Checkpoint) Watch - an organisation funded by overseas antiSemites which sets out deliberately to provoke soldiers into just this kind of Youtube 'gotcha' scoop.

To understand who these people are, here is a photograph of Machsom Watch spokeswoman Raya Yaron hugging the mother of Hakim Awad who confessed proudly to the butchery of the Fogel family and their 3 infant children in Itamar. These activists are not just useful idiots for the PLO, they are also pure drekk.

No doubt there will be disciplinary proceedings against Lt. Col. Eisner for his assault and moves to strip him of his rank.  But this will not solve the problem. The real blame lies with Defense Minister Barak for allowing these provocateurs close and personal contact with soldiers who are daily carrying out the difficult task of protecting our borders and checkpoints.

Unlike Israel, England has the luxury of being at peace. But if I showed up at the army base in Aldershot with my movie camera, I would be moved on pretty quickly.  Or if there had been a terrorist alert at Heathrow airport and - as we have seen before - army jeeps and personnel carriers were stationed at the entrance to the airport tunnel, would I be able to step out and film them?  Absolutely not!  And what about in Ireland?  Did you ever see British troops being jostled and spat at day-in-day-out?  No, because such folks were kept far away.

Any areas where these provocateurs turn up should be declared a closed military zone and a 'cordon sanitaire' provided by order of the military authorities. Any activists in breach of these rules should be arrested and fined for obstruction. If they are foreigners, they should be driven to the airport and deported.  If this had been policy years ago, Rachel Corrie might still be alive.

The Defense Ministry needs to get real about such things and change its operating procedures at borders and checkpoints.

Besides which, we need people like Eisner to kick Hamas and Hezbullah in the teeth when the time comes, not be sitting at a desk busted to corporal.

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More from the Pallywood director's couch

Excellent letter from Ruth Leveson to actress Emma Thompson ...

3 April 2012
Emma Thompson
Hamilton Hodell
5th Floor 

66-68 Margaret Street
London W1W 8SR

Dear Ms Thompson

I was deeply saddened to see you as a signatory to the letter in the Guardian urging a boycott of the Habimah theatre.  Saddened because not only do I admire you as an actor and for the humanitarian work that you do but also because I would have expected someone with your intelligence not to have jumped on the trendy BDS anti-Israel bandwagon.  I have a few comments to make and I hope that you will take the time and trouble to read them and reply to me.

Firstly, you presumably have no problem with the Palestinian theatre group taking part.  This despite the fact that their president, Mahmoud Abbas,  has openly pronounced that no Jew will live in a Palestinian state.  Why do you not question this but by your silence, tacitly accept this ethnic cleansing of Jews as normal and justified?   

You support the Palestinian theatre group despite their government's penchant for glorifying suicide bombers who slay Israeli children.  You support the Palestinian theatre group despite their government's coalition with Hamas, a group that has avowed mass murder of Jews and who deliberately fire rockets into Israeli civilian areas, both of which should surely be against your humanitarian principles but for some reason are not.  Why? 
If human rights violations against Jews are unimportant to you, what about the numerous human rights violations Hamas perpetrate against their own people?

You say in your letter, 'human rights violations, illegal colonization of occupied land'.  Can we please look more closely at that statement.  Instead of trotting out this trendy phrase, please give me specific, independently corroborated (not unsubstantiated pronouncements and doctored photographs aka the famous 'Pallywood' school of film and propaganda) examples of human rights violations by Israel .  Stopping and checking people at check points is not a human rights violation unless you consider it a human rights violation to ensure that people who wish to blow up Israeli citizens are stopped from doing so.  Personally, I do not. 

The Arabs living in the West Bank have access to higher standards of health and education and are economically more prosperous than most of their counterparts in other Muslim countries. Do you know that the biggest health problem in Gaza is obesity?  In case you haven't noticed, Israel unilaterally withdrew from Gaza so any human rights violations there (of which there are many) are down to the Hamas government not Israel

Did you know that there is a fuel crisis in Gaza because Hamas refuses to allow fuel from Israel to be imported into the territory and insists on the fuel from Egypt being imported through a particular crossing so that they can levy taxes on it?  This is how much Hamas cares for its own people.
Let us take the second part of your erroneous statement.  I really feel it would be useful for you to learn some historical context and as you seem so woefully ignorant of it, I will spell it out for you.  Right from the start it is important to stress that there is not nor has there ever been, a sovereign independent Muslim state of Palestine .  (Interestingly, the Arabs themselves did not start to refer to that area as Palestine until after 1967, pre-1948 Palestinians referred to the Jews living there). 

The disputed area of the West Bank was land that was mandated to Israel under    the 1947 UN Partition Plan.  Jordan unilaterally annexed it in 1948 together with the Old City of Jerusalem which had been declared an international city.  All the Jewish residents that had not been massacred were expelled from those areas, Jewish holy places were desecrated or destroyed and no Jew was allowed into those areas for over 19 years.  A wall was built by the Jordanians dividing the city of Jerusalem .  You are unaware of this?   Why am I not surprised, you only accept one side of the narrative and do not wish to accept that there could be another side to that narrative. 

In 1967 Israel faced the very real threat of extermination by the combined forces of Egypt , Syria and Jordan .  In fact they begged Jordan not to enter the war but King Hussein was convinced by Nasser's lies that Tel Aviv was on fire (remember this was in the days before instant news coverage) and to his subsequent great misfortune joined forces with Nasser.  That was when the West Bank and Jerusalem came under Israeli jurisdiction.  Under the terms of international law, lands captured in a defensive war belong to the victor. So Israel does not occupy any sovereign state of 'Palestine' nor is there anything illegal about towns built on land legally and legitimately purchased from the owners of the title of that land. 

I am sure you will be surprised when I tell you the amount of land you believe has been 'colonized' by Israel ?   It is 0.1% of land in the West Bank and is on land that under any future deal will come under Israeli jurisdiction. 

There is another aspect to your downright nasty and disingenuous call for a boycott.  As Jews we remember another boycott started in 1933 in another country, when ugly mobs stood outside Jewish shops and Jewish performers were barred from performing.  We all know how that ended.  Tell me what is the difference between you and those previous groups calling for expulsion of Jewish performers?  From where I am standing as an English Jew, they are one and the same.  In fact so poisonous  has the atmosphere become in this country for Jews who support Israel that I, who am a descendant of Spanish Jews who fled persecution and found a safe haven in the United Kingdom, now feel uneasy at the long term future for Jews here.  Does that concern you?  If not, it should.  

Remember the persecution of the Jews in Germany was incremental and took place over a number of years; however, within eight years of the Nazis coming to power such was the ferocity of their campaign that they were able to convince themselves and others that it was perfectly acceptable to go from demonisation and exclusion to murdering Jews.  The most frightening development of that persecution was how the intelligentsia, the academics, the legal circles etc brought into that campaign in much the same way as you and your cronies are buying into the current ferocious BDS (blame, distortion and slander) campaign that demonises and delegitimises Israel and questions her very right to exist.  

I cannot understand how someone who professes to stand up for human rights can align themselves with a campaign of annihilation of a nation state which is precisely what you are doing by supporting the BDS.  So intense is this anti-Israel demonisation that when a gunman executes three Jewish children in cold blood, his rationalisation that he is avenging the deaths of Palestinian children is given legitimacy in the main stream media and among 'enlightened' thinkers.

I will not at this stage list the incredible humanitarian work that Israel does in the world arena, it would be far too exhaustive, but as someone who is involved with refugee projects, you might be interested to know that Muslims fleeing genocide in Sudan and Darfur risk everything to get to Israel where they know they will be safer than in any of the other surrounding Muslim countries.  The Egyptians shoot them, Israel provides them with a haven, currently they are building a purpose built facility for them. 

I would urge you in the name of British fair play, to gain a deeper knowledge of the conflict and understand just how misguided and deeply offensive you are being in calling for this boycott. 

I look forward to your comments.

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April 14, 2012

Rabbis Launching Mortars?

I snapped this unusual scene when arriving in Chevron Thursday, on the eve of the last day of Pesach.

Rabbi Uzi Sharbaf and his young student are hammering down poles to support the protest tent they have located opposite the house legally acquired across the road (pictured below).

However legal the purchase may have been - and the contract signing was even videotaped - it was too much for the politicians to risk upsetting the 'peace negotiations' with Mr Abbas and his partners in Hamas.

Rabbi Sharbaf is a son-in-law of the legendary Rabbi Moshe Levinger, without whom the bustling town of Kiryat Arba would never have existed.And with that, the opening of Chevron to new Jewish settlement as the original site of the establishment of King David's reign.

More about Rabbi Levinger can be seen in my archived blog HERE.

Rabbi Sharbaf is indeed launching mortars of a different kind.
The mortar of Jewish building and national revival.

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April 12, 2012

Is Trayvon America's Al-Durrah ?

So Al Sharpton and his mob, assisted by President Obama, have managed to get George Zimmerman into jail.

(We can all recall Obama's shooting racial issues from the hip 3 years ago when he said Massachusetts police acted 'stupidly' in apprehending his African-American friend Professor Gates who was breaking into his own home.)

Reading the factual questions raised by this article in American Thinker makes me think the Trayvon Martin lynch mob is very reminiscent of what Israel has to deal with repeatedly. 

Zimmerman is the Israel which occasionally has to kill in self-defense.
Al Sharpton is Saeb Erekat, the master propagandist and creator of such fantasies as the Jenin "massacre" and Mohammed Al-Durrah "killing".
The American Black Panther movement is Hamas, Hezbullah and the rest of the Iranian gang of thugs.

And the media?  
Well unfortunately it's the same media all the time ... ever populist and dominated by liberal progressives whose Faustian deals with America's enemies will ultimately cost them the very freedoms they need to earn a living.

Winston Churchill famously observed: "A lie gets halfway round the world before the truth even gets its pants on."

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April 09, 2012

Never the i word .....

"Universal Cancer Vaccine Developed"
A headline to catch anyone's keen attention.

Here is the Daily Telegraph's report:

... but look how far in you have to read to see it's those dastardly Israelis again.
First they mention Tel Aviv, then Jerusalem.
But never the i word!

Israel only gets a mention when something bad happens - and then it is right up there in the headline.
Good Jewish news is apparently stateless.

That is what we Jews have to live with day-in, day-out.
We enrich the world and the Arabs enrich uranium.
And who gets boycotted, excoriated and libelled?

Well, let the world boycott this vaccine on us!

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April 08, 2012

Don't mess with the Mistaravim

When you listen to the prayer for the Israeli Defense Forces, you think of soldiers, airmen and sailors. Ever thought about these guys?


Peace Now's Megillah

Great Purim lampoon of Yariv Oppenheimer and his 'Useful Idiots for Abbas' organisation that calls itself Peace Now. Kol Hakavod to editor Caroline Glick for getting the truth out with comedy and wit.

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April 07, 2012

Menachem Begin's Fighting Jew

Speaking in 1975, former Prime Minister of Israel Menachem Begin described a new kind of human being.

" The fighting Jew," he said, "loves books, loves liberty and hates war. But he is prepared to fight for liberty."

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The Fifth Son

A really outstanding piece by Rabbi Berel Wein ....

"But there is a fifth child that sits at the Jewish Seder table in our time. He has no qualms about marrying a non-Jew, he is probably liberally pro-Palestinian, he has never visited Israel, though he knows it to be a racist and apartheid place, he considers himself to be part of the intellectual elite, he has no real knowledge of Torah or Judaism and yet considers himself an expert on these matters.

He knows the best policy for Jews and Israel to follow and he is so convinced of his rectitude and astuteness that he is willing, nay even demanding, to use all types of force to coerce the Jewish people and its small national state to adopt his will. He is out to fix the world and is willing to sacrifice Israel, Judaism and Jews in the process. He sits on boards of Jewish organizations, he chooses rabbis and proclaims himself to be a faithful Jew. Yet he will contribute generously to general non-Jewish charities but gives only a pittance towards Jewish educational projects. He is not an evil son nor is he a wise one.

He certainly will deny that he is somehow simple or naïve and he certainly claims that he knows what questions to pose. Yet he my be the most tragic of all of the sons, for though he is able to pose the questions he is unwilling to hear the answers. In the words of the prophet Isaiah "the heart of the people is overladen with fat and their ears are stopped up."
It is this hedonistic, intelligent, but very deaf son that troubles us so deeply. For we have developed no plan or method to deal with him – either to exclude him from the Jewish society completely or to somehow redeem him and bring him closer to Jewish reality and positive participation in Jewish life. It is certainly not clear to us how to accomplish this second option.

So perhaps we will have to rely on the inspiration represented by the fifth cup of wine – on the miraculous powers of the prophet Eliyahu and on his unfailing faith in the restoration of Jews and the Jewish people generally. Pesach teaches us never to say never. It is the holiday of rebirth and constant renewal. So will it be for all of our different children all of whom we gather and embrace around our Pesach Seder table. "

The full article can be read on his website: HERE


April 02, 2012

Recognising today's miracles

An inspiring Pesach address by South Africa's chief rabbi  ...


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