February 12, 2020

He who saved us from Olmert

So, do you believe in God?
And if so, do you believe He watches over His people and the Land of Israel?
Well, if you had any doubts – not least after witnessing Israel’s wartime victories against the most impossible odds – you only need to see today’s headlines.
How ex-prime minister Ehud Olmert has teamed up with PLO chairman Mahmoud Abbas to reject Donald’s Trump’s bold peace plan.
This is the same Olmert who, in 2007, offered Syria’s president Assad the surrender of the Golan Heights, in exchange for a peace agreement. Just imagine if Olmert had succeeded with this lunatic plan. Less than 10 years later, Assad would lose control of his country to Russia and Iran, whose rocketeers would be solidly entrenched on the commanding heights with all of the Galilee laid out before them for daily target practice.
The following year, 2008, Olmert would have over 35 secret meetings with Abbas and his henchmen to thrash out a peace agreement by which Olmert would give away our sovereignty over the Temple Mount and Israeli sovereignty over Jerusalem would be transferred to a 5-nation committee made up of Saudi Arabia, Jordan, “Palestine”, the United States and Israel. On top of that, Olmert was to give up the Jordan Valley and all of Judea & Samaria (aka the West Bank) except for the 5% comprising Jewish settlements, which would be exchanged for an equal amount of Israeli territory inside the Green Line. In other words – a total surrender of Jewish homeland and sovereignty over its biblical capital city as well as withdrawal from the strategically vital Jordan Valley - all in exchange for a peace contract signed by the chairman of a terrorist group.
(And oh, just by the way. Olmert also agreed to take in 5,000 so-called Palestinian refugees.)
So, where does God come into this?
He is clearly protecting the Jewish people from the folly of its own elected leaders.
You can see this Fatherly care playing out before your eyes.
Just imagine if Olmert had prevailed.
We’d have lost Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria and control of our vital Jordan Valley - the last border not in control of Iranian proxies.
Then roll the calendar forward to 2018. Trump is US president and is having a conversation with prime minister Netanyahu on the White House lawn. Trump says: “Hey Bibi – real shame your guy Olmert gave away so much. I’d have recognised Jerusalem as yours, given you the Golan and Jordan Valley and approved all your settled lands in the West Bank”.

Behold He neither slumbers nor sleeps, the Guardian of Israel. [Psalms 121:4]

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