March 31, 2011

While the UN bombs Libya ....

Israel's Shaare Zedek Medical Center’s Deputy Director-General, Dr. Ofer Merin, was dispatched to Japan as part of the IDF Homefront Command’s humanitarian relief program in the wake of the devastating earthquake and tsunami.

Dr. Merin, a cardiothoracic surgeon who directs the Hospital’s disaster preparedness program and its Trauma Unit, is now serving as the Director of Surgical Operations in the IDF Field Hospital that is already on-site. He performed a very similar role in Haiti in January of 2010, following the devastating earthquake there.

You can follow his pictorial blog here.

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Al Jazeera trumps the BBC

The BBC has taken quite a beating over its blatant non-coverage of the terrorist slaughter of the Fogel family in Israel.

Apart from further exposing its naked bias against the Jewish state it puts the boradcaster firmly in the camp of the anti-Israel boycott.  It appears to reject or ignore any news coverage about Israel other than stories which discredit, degrade and delegitimize the State of Israel.

You'd expect this kind of thing from Al Jazeera !

But, as you can see from this clip, even Al Jazeera is prepared to give the IDF a fair 5-minute hearing.

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March 29, 2011

Glenn Beck stands by Israel - a must view


March 28, 2011

Picture that tells it all....

I came across this cartoon while searching on Land for Peace.

Can't read who the cartoonist is, but full credit to them.

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March 27, 2011

Nothing to hide

On the subject of transparency, it was heartwarming to hear Lord David Trimble, former First Minister of Northern Ireland and Nobel Prize Winner, speaking at tonight's annual dinner of the Zionist Federation of the UK.

He spoke of his service on the Turkel Commision of Enquiry into the Gaza flotilla incident last year.

He told of his surprise at seeing the Israeli government supplying verbatim transcripts of high level meetings which took place in the Israeli cabinet and defence establishment before and after the indident.

Nothing had been hidden or redacted as one would normally expect to see in other governments' private minutes.


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Who Really is Barack Obama?

March 24th seems to have been a very bad day for Barack Obama. Not because of anything coming out of Libya or Fox News. Instead this bad weather rolled in from his own backyard.
Just when he thought the ‘birth certificate’ debate had finally run out of steam, in came Donald Trump and blew it back into the headlines. Ironically Trump’s blast was aired on “The View”, ABC’s Bush-bashing ‘feminists for Islam’ talk-show.

Dismissing all the recycled conspiracy theories and genuine nutjobs who have contributed to the ‘birther’ debate, important questions still remain unanswered.

If Obama has genuinely nothing to hide, why hasn’t he just produced the damned certificate? And why have hundreds of thousands of dollars been spent on attorneys to block access to this vital information? And why is there no access to any of his school records, university thesis or law journal articles? And why - and by whom - are so many websites being cleansed of anything unhelpful to Obama’s re-election campaign? There are many more thought-provoking questions on the indefatigable Pamela Geller’s blog here .

The second blow came from Obama’s friend and unrepentant urban revolutionary bomber, Bill Ayres. On the same day as Trump’s birther blast, Ayres admitted having written Obama’s book ‘Dreams of My Father’. See the clip and transcript on WorldNetDaily’s website here. This vindicates the investigative work of WND journalist Jack Cashill in 2008, in exposing the similarities between ‘Dreams’ and Ayres’ other book ‘Fugitive Days’.

Both of these March 24th blasts go to the heart of what seems now to be a throughly valid question: Who really is Barack Obama? For all Obama’s promises of ‘transparency’ the free world seems to have little or no idea. All we have is the fiction that is churned out daily by the fawning leftist media and academia.

If the book is fake - what about the birth certificate?

The truth will out in the end.
And it will make Nixon look like a saint by comparison.


March 25, 2011

Targeting a Defence Strategy

As a Likudnik I am embarrassed that it takes the opposition to come up with the right solutions to the latest terror attacks on our people.

Uzi Landau (Israel Beiteinu) and Avi Dichter (Kadima) are calling for the resumption of targeted kilings of terrorist leaders. 

Like we did with Mr Yassin here.

Nothing could be more appropriate and effective at this time.

Especially as some of Israel's shrillest detractors in the British and French establishments make no secret of trying to do exactly the same with the Gadaffi family in Libya.


March 24, 2011

Nations United ?

And this morning's news roundup ....

• Tensions with Britain as Gates rebukes UK government over suggestion Gaddafi could be assassinated

• French propose a new political 'committee' to oversee operations

• Germany pulls equipment out of NATO coalition over disagreement over campaign's direction

• Italians accuse French of backing NATO in exchange for oil contracts

• No-fly zone called into question after first wave of strikes 'neutralises' Libyan military machine

• U.K. ministers say war could last '30 years'

• Italy to 'take back control' of bases used by allies unless NATO leadership put in charge of the mission

• Russians tell U.S. to stop bombing in order to protect civilians - calls bombing a 'crusade'

Why can't they have the same unity as they do with resolutions against Israel? 


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March 22, 2011

Middle East conflict explained in 6 minutes

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Israeli Apartheid

Israel's former president Moshe Katsav was this morning sentenced to 7 years imprisonment on charges of rape and sexual harassment of former work colleagues.

Passing sentence, Judge George Karra said:

"Katsav's high rank can't be taken to his credit, on the contrary it makes his acts more severe," Karra said. "The higher the rank, the greater the dissapointment," he added.

"It is Katsav's high rank that makes this case unique, not the crimes themselves," the judge said.

Judge Karra is an Israeli Arab.

You see, in Israel an Arab may indict and imprison even a Jewish president.

When could a Jew even hand out a parking ticket in Arabia?

I have been saying for many months now in groups and public meetings that this should finally nail the bigoted canard of "Israeli apartheid".

I am glad this has now been picked up by others, including ElderOfZion which has added Karra to its Gallery of Apartheid Click Here )


March 21, 2011

It figures ...

Whilst this morning's front page seems to bear out my thoughts in yesterday's blog, here is the Daily Mail's report inside, under the headline:

Tornado Top Guns' 3,000-mile mission to hammer tyrant's military machine 

"It was a mammoth raid, the longest single operation by the RAF since the Falklands War. The heroic Tornado GR4 crews flew an eight-hour, 3,000-mile mission to blitz Colonel Gaddafi’s air defences. They had roared from the runway at RAF Marham on Saturday evening for their daring sortie."

Top Guns, hammering,mammoth, blitz, roared ... daring sortie?
Why waste Tomahawk missiles at $1m a time, when you can win wars with cheap hyperbole?
Gimme a break.
It's a turkey shoot!

British citizens will now be lulled into a false sense of security that their defence establishment, so depleted by profligate spending on unemployment and housing benefits for millions of immigrants and asylum seekers, can still take on all comers.

Heaven help us when the country is faced with a REAL military threat.


March 20, 2011

A Small War Made to Order

Now that the UN's Libya resolution has been passed and is being executed with such alacrity and zeal, I believe the mixture of jetfuel and cordite will soon give way to a more familiar smell.  The odour of self-interest and corruption.

When Bush and Blair pushed for the invasion of Iraq, their ulterior motives were quite shallow. Aside from the issue of oil - which will always be a factor in all Middle East adventurism - it was said that Bush wanted to settle his father's score with Saddam. And Blair ... well he liked playing the statesman.  Those were the charges.  Personally I have always believed both to have been honourable men who were at least prepared to call evil by its true name.

However, this Libya thing is something else.  And as the resolution's prime movers, Britain and France's motives will not stand up to close scrutiny.

Every corner of the British establishment was up to its neck in cahoots with the Gadaffi family. From Prince Andrew to Lord Mandelson, to the grubby deal to release the Lockerbie bomber. Arms deals, oil deals ... the billions flowed.  But as soon as Britain sided with the rebels, the Libyan dictator threatened to "tell all".

More recently David Cameron's leadership has been a shambles. Locked into a farcical coalition with the minority Lib-Dem wets, he's thrown almost all his pledges and principles out of the window. Whether it was to rein-in immigration or the powers of the European parliament and its human rights charter for criminals, traffickers and terrorists  ... nothing has changed. 

Then there were the gaffes. When the Mubarak regime went into meltdown, Cameron's deputy Nick Clegg admitted he didn't even realise he was in charge of Britain during Cameron's absence. The Foreign  Office bungled the evacuation of UK nationals, most notably from Libya where a team of its elite SAS troops surrendered to a bunch of farmers. Britain was reduced to begging for their release. Gadaffi intercepted the grovelling phone call and broadcast it to the whole world. Cameron's foreign secretary William Hague also gaffed in announcing that Gadaffi had fled to Venezuela. Last week, the media were speculating that he would step down as Foreign Secretary.

All this from the pitiful remnant of Britannia which once ruled the waves, but has now scrapped its last aircraft carrier and has barely enough aircraft to defend its own airspace. (Russian fighter bombers continue to test those defences and last month one Tuploev Bear bomber came within plain sight of the Scottish coast.)

Cameron needed three things.  (1) To permanently silence Gadaffi (2) To create a diversion from all of these gaffes and (3) To turn himself into a statesman overnight.  

What better than a small war made to order?

Similarly with France, the second biggest mover for the resolution and the quickest to launch air raids against Libya, even before its air defences had been Tomahawked. 

Gadaffi had threatened to publicise 'how he had financed French president Sarkozy's election campaign'. Also Sarkozy - one of the great disappointments of our time - is plummeting in the opinion polls in a country with a large North African immigrant electorate.

Sarko's needs? (1) Also to silence Gadaffi and bomb any evidence of political corruption.  (2)  To show support for the rebels and thereby secure his own support on the African 'street' ... in Paris.  (3)  To turn himself into a statesman overnight.

Bush and Blair's Iraq motives seem pure white by comparison.

The other main mover was the Arab League.  Another den of corruption. Great bedfellows for these self-interested sponsors of the UN resolution.

As with nearly all my posts, the background question must be: how does this affect Israel?

Badly I'm afraid. 

As if Britain's Arabist and anti-Israel credentials were not clear enough, its ass has now been saved by the UN and is being kissed by the Arab League.

Anything that leaves anti-Israel politicians beholden to the anti-Israel UN is no good for the Jewish state.

The saddest thing of all is that good servicemen and women have to put their lives on the line for this kind of drekk.


March 17, 2011

Not forgetting ...

Not forgetting President Obama's performance in all of this turmoil.

His contribution to all this is beest summed up by this great bumper sticker.

Hopefully the name O'bumbler will stick until the 2012 election.

The free world just can't afford to make the same mistake twice.


UN Fast Track

It's  a month since Gadaffi vowed to crush the rebellion to the last drop of blood.

So why has it taken so long for the UN to pass a resolution on Libya?

It seems only Jews get the fast-track at the UN.

Someone needs to tell the Secretary General about Gadaffi's Jewish parentage on his mother's side.

That might speed things up a bit.

OK he lives in a tent, not a settlement.

But surely they could stretch a point?


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March 15, 2011

A Tsunami of good cheer for Ahmadinejad

No-one has benefitted more from the upheaval of recent days and weeks than Iranian despot Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and his junta of mullahs.

He has reaped the benefits of the revolts in Arabia without paying any cost.

The fall of Mubarak gave him free access to arm Hamas with even more deadly weapons in Gaza. And now, with open access through Suez, he’s created a new Mediterranean naval base in Syria to assist his genocidal intentions against the Jewish state.

Then, just as the freedom fighters threatened to take hold in Teheran, the Japanese earthquake and tsunami came in just on cue. With the world’s attention riveted to the scenes of devastation, the street demonstrators lost their media spotlight and the fight has gone out of them. That same diversion has enabled Gadaffi to wipe out the Libyan resistance with impunity.

Both events have forced up oil prices and boosted the profits Iran can invest in nuclear missiles and its worldwide network of terror and incitement.

But the biggest prize of all for Teheran’s junta has been the nuclear meltdown on Japan’s coast. As the world holds its breath in fear of direct and indirect contamination of people, livestock and food supplies Ahmadinejad simply smiles with a sigh of relief.

He knows that his own nuclear infrastructure is now completely safe from any threat of an Israeli strike.

After all, which Israeli leader could possibly contemplate such a risky strategy after the events of this week?

No more Mubarak, gas supplies cut off from Egypt, Iran’s navy just up the coast, and no military solution to their nuclear threat … these are hard times for the Jewish state.

In the spirit of Purim and its Persian narrative, let us be worthy of new miracles and deliverance for our people, just as in those days so in ours.



March 04, 2011

Is it OK to be Jewish and criticise Israel?


Click picture for details of panellists

Is it OK to be Jewish and criticise Israel?
No it’s not.

And I could easily say it’s because we’re one family and should stick together through thick and thin.
How many parents would turn in their own kids?

I could also use the old adage: ‘don’t wash your dirty linen in public’

But I won’t … because our linen is not dirty.

Compared to what we’ve seen unfolding in Arabia over the past few weeks – not to mention the exposure of British government dealings with Gadaffi and its callous betrayal of the Lockerbie victims - I think Israel has one of the most fragrant laundry baskets in the world.

But it goes beyond issues of family loyalties.
It’s about treachery.
And, it’s also about pure selfishness.
I will explain.

Let’s start with treachery.

After 8 wars in 60 years … our enemies know they can't beat us on the battlefield.

So now they fight us with delegitimisation.

In the media, academia, unions .... every forum, quango and parlour meeting – they defame and demean the Jewish state.

For Jews to assist in this delegitimisation is to expose our position in war.

In WW2 there was warning: “Loose lips sink ships”.
People were careless sometimes.
But when it’s deliberate … well, that is pure treachery.

But like most aberrant or illogical behavior, this also has a pathological dimension.

It’s hard to miss that 90% of our “collaborators” are in media and academia.

These types simply crave attention and acceptance by their peers and luvvies.
Sadly, acceptance has never been easy for us Jews.

But nothing gets them more attention than slandering their own people.
It’s the basic human instinct for survival and self-gratification.

One of our heroes of today is the fearless journalist Melanie Phillips. I have heard her say more than once: “To be supportive of Israel in the media world is the kiss of death.” No promotion, no prospects, no friends.

And the corollary is true to form.

The media accolades to Israel-bashers is out of all proportion.
Remember the ‘Sharon eating Arab babies’ cartoonist?
He’s had more awards than the Mohammed cartoonist has had death threats.

Throughout history, Jewish converts have been the most coveted by missionaries.
One Jew was worth ten thousand other converts.

And so it is in the media and academia today.

The NY Times columnist Thomas Friedman likens Israel's leadership to drug users – who need to be protected from themselves. One wonders how much readership he’d have got if his name had been Jones instead of Friedman.

Or whether Noam Chomsky could even pay his grocery bills if he’d been born into a Buddhist family.

In the war of delegitimisation, there is no quisling more coveted than a Jew.

Arafat just hijacked planes.
Today’s Arab leaders are hijackers of the truth.
Truth which would otherwise set their people free.

By helping that propaganda machine, the Jewish collaborators we speak of this evening are not only a disgrace to the Jewish people, but are actively worsening the plight of Palestinian Arabs we see being repressed and exploited in all Arab countries.

These are not even ‘useful’ idiots.


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