July 29, 2012

Israel isReal

Finally we're getting it right - see this super video ....

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The "StoneWall" of Jerusalem is in Washington

Referring to my penultimate posting, be sure that this is no fluke failure to respond on the capital of Israel.

Here is an earlier briefing by the State Department, in March of this year, where similarly unrelenting questions elicit a total stonewall.

How is this compatible with all Obama's assurances of an "unshakeable alliance" with the Jewish state and that Israelis can depend on him 'watching their backs'.

If his people dare not utter the name of its capital, how can anyone expect him to defend it?


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What Iran REALLY wants

Much as sanctions are vital to free Persians from Islamic tyranny, the mullahs aren't building nuclear weapons simply to wipe Israel off the map.  Far from it.

The ayatollahs are concerned solely with the survival of their regime.

They've watched how the West has invaded one country after another to take down tyrants from Saddam, to Gadaffi.

But they've noticed no such intentions toward North Korea.
Nuclear weapons have kept the Kims' repressive junta untouchable, and the ayatollahs seek no less for themselves.

Now more than ever, as recent uprisings in Libya and Egypt will surely promote more civil protests and precipitate more vicious crackdowns by Ahmadinejad's thugs. 

These are the circumstances in which NATO sees its new role of intervention to protect civilians. But the existence of nuclear weapons will keep all those forces at bay, no matter what atrocities are committed by the Revolutionary Guard and its Basij thugs.

All the fiery bombast against the Jewish state is merely a cover for their urgent quest for untouchability. The very last thing the ayatollahs will consider is a surprise attack on the Jewish state, which they know is doomed to fail, and will instead guarantee the end of their regime with its dreams of Islamic hegemony.

July 28, 2012

From Poor Phrasing to Denial in 4 Years

In JULY 2008 – Seeking Jewish votes for election as president, Senator Barack Obama made this statement at AIPAC:

"Jerusalem will remain the capital of Israel, and it must remain undivided."

In JULY 2012 – President Obama’s own press secretary Jay Carney would not even acknowledge Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, divided or otherwise.  See him resist incessant questioning.

How asinine or hopelessly assimilated must American Jewish voters be to continue supporting Obama for re-election? 

And how ironic that this deligitimisation of Jerusalem's Jewish status, by it's "unshakeable ally", took place 3 days before Tisha b'Av. 

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July 20, 2012

Israel's Youngest Lawmaker

You don't need fluency in Hebrew to marvel at this youngest member of Israel's parliament and to wonder where she will be 20 years from now.  Speaking in Hebron, birthplace of David's kingdom, Likud's Tzippy Hotovely lambasts the leftists who are frightened of their own shadow over the homeland and haven't the guts to stamp their names on the title deed.

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July 13, 2012

Fakers for the British media

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Bureacracy of the Devil

I may have blogged this in the past, but it is compelling viewing.

Click on the picture or at this LINK.

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